No more "____'s first post" banner

I’m not able to see if it’s someone’s first post or not. I always find it nice to welcome people to the community, but now I’m not sure if someone’s new, or if I should know them. Is this a glitch? Did I screw up my settings? Please lmk.

Hey @Jurisdiction! In some cases, new users delete their first post and therefore any subsequent posts would appear to be their first post when viewing their posting history, but not have the “first post” banner attached.

Here are a couple of recent new user posts that have the “first post” banner attached. If you are unable to view them, please let us know what browser / device you are using and provide a screenshot.

Thank you! :orange_heart:

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I’m gonna send a screenshot tomorrow as I’m just doing my nightly threads and then going to bed.

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