No "last chance" posts recently?

First off, I do apologize for creating a post in here but this seemed like the place to put it? If it should be moved, please do so and dont strangle me through the interwebs!

Unless I’m missing something, I havent seen any “last chance” posts in a good couple/few weeks. I like those posts as they are the best way for me to know what to watch or read before they’re pulled.

Is it safe to assume then that nothing has come down, or even added to DCU in a while? If so, that’s fine…but I wanted to voice my opinion that I like those posts.

It could even be good to have a quick post weekly, regardless if theres changes. Just post, “no change” for the week, or something.

Thanks!! Love yall and love DCU!


I don’t think anything was removed since Dark Victory a few weeks back.

Comics receive more “last chance” than shows/films. I believe that three animated shows will be added in December, but no shows should be removed. As for comics, I don’t usually pay attention because the comics section is not arranged chronologically (which is essential for me), so I ignore most comics in this service.

Also, you don’t need to apologize about posting a thread in a wrong board. I made a question, hoping a DC mod would be able to answer, addressing the criteria that goes into a thread that has elements of multiple boards called “Determining Boards”, but I did not get a response.

Most of what was taken down was the spotlight stuff such as Identity crisis, New Teen Titans, Long Halloween etc. They haven’t added any of that stuff recently (reportedly because they are looking to make adjustments taking criticism in mind on how to improve it so they say) so don’t think much had been taken down. I did see a post of someone saying the Beast Boy limited series has been taken down withou warning, it is gone for sure so shame on them if they didn’t give notice, but beyond that think most has stayed. My guess is that they are looking to find a way that works for them and will make more fans happy. Whether or not they will succeed I don’t know, but guessing they won’t take much down until they have tweaked their system to what they think will go over better.

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Thanks for the response guys! And I do see that the post was moved to “general” which is totally fine. However, I’m assuming a mod had to take the time to move the message…just wish they would have a taken a little more time to leave a comment for an answer :confused:

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