No Detective Comics #1-26

Now let me say right off the bat, I am SO HAPPY with this massive upload of comics, so much to read, its a bit overwhelming, like having a bunch of Blu-Rays, DVD’s, than having Netflix & feeling like there’s too many choices.
There were a couple books that were deleted right when I was going to read them (Robin II: Joker’s Wild & Red Robin) and now they’re back.
But when I saw the “Coming next week” article & seeing “Detective Comics #1” I was excited, I’ve never read any pre-Batman story before the recent 80 Years of Batman book (which features a Crimson Avenger story) & was looking forward to it. Than 1am came my time and I see Detective Comics #1 from 1988 & an Annual issue and was disappointed.
I know there was an Omnibus scheduled to come out that was canceled (probably figured who would pay 150 dollars for an Omnibus filled with characters most probably haven’t read) so hopefully they do still release a less costly collection.
I do hope DC Universe decides to uploads those issues


I’m wondering the same thing.

If you want pre-batman, Action Comics #1 is technically here.

As far as I know the digital library doesn’t have those issues, so it isn’t really up to DCU, they gave us what was available.