Nightwing's name change

what is DC doing with calling Dick ‘Ric Grayson’ in issue 50? hopefully it’s not a permanent change. anyone who can shed light on this please help

It’s just a temporary status quo change to increase sales. I wouldn’t expect it to last long.

I think a name change is completely unnecessary. However, if DC insists on changing Dick’s nickname, then I prefer Ric to any other iteration (e.g. Rich, Rick, Ricky, Richard, John, RJ, blah).

Could the name “Dick” be deemed inappropriate in our runaway PC culture?


Wouldn’t surprise me. It’s beyond parody at this point.

They shouldn’t have changed it, but also Americans should have never nicknamed the name Richard as Dick haha

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Unnecessary. He went through this before. Leave nightwing alone. He’s as iconic as Batman or superman at this point.


On a podcast, Tom King said it’s just some rumor and isn’t actually happening. At least not long term.