Nightwings marriage proposal and the one year later storyline

So infinite crisis ended with nightwing proposing to Barbra. The next issue begins the one year storyline where he isn’t with her and is in New York with other women.

So obviously they didn’t get married but my question is where do we find out what happened?

Is it later discussed in the nightwing series in a flashback? Is it shown in another series like 52? Or is it even shown at all?

I am actually having kinda a problem reading the one year later stories because there is just so much that happened. I don’t know if I missed it and I just need to read a series I missed or if it supposed to be like this and I supposed to find out later on.

I am about to read the 52 series which I hope will answer some questions but I am not sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hey, @fishin4bass.66054! The nature of Dick and Barbara’s breakup, like many OYL change-ups, was meant to be a mystery for a time. The idea of “One Year Later” was that you were supposed to be thrown for a loop by the drastic changes, and keep reading to discover how they happened. In the case of Dick and Babs, the answers you’re looking for appear in 2007’s Nightwing Annual #2.


Yeah I wondered if it was supposed to be like that or not. One of the negative parts of reading digitals of older issues is that they usually leave out parts from the back of the book that tell you wants going on currently in the universe at that time and fan mail. I wish they would leave it in because it helps you understand the stories better. You can see what fans were talking about and thinking as well as commentary from the creators. All that is lost in these digitals and really isn’t in new comics either.