Nightwing Rebirth

What’s everyone’s thoughts on Nightwing Rebirth so far? I like Raptor, the new Blockbuster, Tiger Shark, the Runoffs, the Judge, his relationship with the Batfamily, being in Bludhaven, and his relationships with Shaun and Huntress. What are your thoughts? Highs and Lows? I think Raptor is a High, the Wally West issue, the Judge, and Blockbuster. I thought the Damian and Dick going after Pyg and stuff was a real low though. Very boring and out of the blue.

His series has gone thru unbearable to fun to mildly interesting again.

Tim Seeley stuff was meh, the Sam Humphries stuff was ok, Percy was just getting started, i liked the virtual world stuff, and now Lobdell i think has syarted off fun.

Very hit and miss for what I’ve read of it. One the few Rebirth titles I’m not wild over the moon for.

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