Nightwing on Titans season 2

I just read an interview with one of the guys behind Titans and he made it sound like it’ll be a while before we see Nightwing. “It’s not gonna happen overnight. You have to make the Nightwing suit feel very earned and reflective of a personal journey, rather than a costume change." That’s what he said. But maybe I’m just being paranoid. Idk. I just really wanted Nightwing in the season finale

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It wouldn’t have made any sense to have the Nightwing persona show up in the first season, given he had been avoiding vigilantism for a while.

The pace of the show was such that we covered between 10 days to 2 weeks in season 1.

He didn’t have any time to stop by “Vigilantes R Us” for a new suit, or bother Alfred for it either, (let alone make one) given the pace of the show.

I assume the breakneck pace is going to have to slow at some point, to allow for that to happen.


At this pace you would think season 3. Season 2 should be about defeating Trigon then 3 about the Titans formally becoming a team with nightwing as leader

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The show is going at a decent pace. I don’t want it to blow it’s load too early. It’s great and I hope it goes forever. Lol. I want more of Conor Leslie thogh. She’s super good as Donna Troy.

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