Nightwing Comics

More of the 1996 Nightwing comics…


I’ll second that. There’s already a ton of them up, so DCU might be prioritizing other things, but I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read of the series, so more’s always good.

That would be great! But they won’t go beyond Chuck Dixon’s run on that series because well, anything after is widely hated for what the next writer did in the series.

The series isn’t wildly hated after Dixon’s run. I blogged about the run while re-reading the series several years back. There is a fan following. I personally love Devin Grayson’s run on Nightwing. She pushed the character to his limits and gave him great dimension. Unfortunately only the rape scene is focused upon. Her run does falls apart towards the end (the collected issues) as she was never made aware of company wide crossover to properly plan out story lines. Overall, I doubt we will ever see her run collected because of politics within the DC Organization itself. She wrote a novelized book for DC that was herald as fan fiction smut. (granted she was a fan fic writer). I don’t know if the higher up was ever revealed but he really took exception to her take on Nightwing in the book. The book was Inheritance by Devin Grayson. This information is taken from an interview with Devin Grayson.

After Devin Grayson, we get Bruce Jones on the series. That is completely collected. I would skip Marv Wolfman’s run as it really bad. It is sad to say that because he basically created the character. Finally Peter Tomasi takes the helm and we get back to a normal even run. I am not a big fan of his Nightwing version. I think he injects too much of his own personally preferences onto the character. But overall his work on the series is solid.