Nightwing Being Taken over by Lobdell. Why?

Lobdell was the worst of the New 52. Nightwing about to get the most public interest he ever had, with his live debut on Titans and return on YJ. People are gonna know who he is and he is gonna be written by this character assassin. In addition to that the story line he is writing is gonna cripple nightwing and remove him from his team the Titans. Its like two middle fingers

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I’m also not happy with what I read about the new direction. Nightwing just seems to get no respect.

Lobdell has done a lot better in Rebirth, and the decision to give Dick amnesia is not Lobdell’s. That being said, I am definitely unhappy with the amnesia direction.

Dick has suffered a lot at the hands of DC Comics. They’ve almost killed him too many times to count.

Lobdell has been killing it on Red Hood ever since rebirth. I’m sure he’ll do fine.

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Im still scarred by Teen titans and his assassination of kori in outlaws

You guys do know that Lobdell on Nightwing is just until they find a new writer right? Percy left the book suddenly and they needed someone to cover for a few issues is all.