Next Week on DC Daily: 11/25 - 11/29: Holiday Hiatus (Almost!)

Hey, everybody!

This coming week on DC Daily we will be taking a little break and enjoying the holiday week with our friends and family.

However, we will be back on Black Friday, so make sure you check out that special, post-Thanksgiving show, “DC Daily Black Friday Friendsgiving.” We’ll be having an AWESOME cooking segment, a TITANS E12 recap, and a holiday binge guide!

We would like to thank all of our wonderful fans for your comments and amazingness! We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and we’ll see you on Friday, Nov. 29th for “DC Daily Black Friday Friendsgiving"!

How will YOU be spending this holiday week? Tell us in the comments below!


Hi what I’m doing this weekend is sleep, watch videos and reading and writing stories.

:grinning::turkey::plate_with_cutlery: Happy Thanksgiving to the DC Daily cast members, hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Hope you guys have a happy Thanksgiving. Me, I work in retail, so I’m going to be spending most of it working. :sweat_smile:


Enjoy the break DC Daily crew. You deserve it. Not doing much some relaxation before finals and the usual family thanksgiving. Will also be binging Titans season 2 this week finally having time to see it. Just in time for the finale at the end of the week.

:turkey:Happy Thanksgiving​:turkey:


Happy Thanksgiving @DCDaily! I hope you guys and gals have a wonderful Turkey Day, and that goes to the all of the fine folks that oversee DC Universe, as well as to all of its members. Gobble gobble! :turkey: :plate_with_cutlery: :canned_food: :pie:

Say hey, any likelihood of a Black Friday sale in the DCU Shop?


Work two days, off Wednesday- Monday. Plan is to have Thanksgiving dinner with family
unless it turns into a dramatic disaster and then we’re going to Uno’s.
I used to work in retail; much love to all my brethren still in that grind.

Will be spending the holiday with family. So looking forward to that. And looking forward to coming back for the finale of Titans, Harley Quinn’s premiere and a special episode of DC Daily… so know what I will be watching Firday.

Happy holiday of feasts to all the DC Daily hosts and behind the scenes crew, as well as everyone here in the community! I will be doing none of that as I’ll be working lol. Looking forward to relaxing after work already tho! Everyone be safe, don’t drink and drive, and don’t let that annoying uncle do it either, no matter how much his politics annoy you :joker_hv_1:

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Happy Th:turkey:nksgiving DC Daily Crew! Relax, eat, drink, be merry! My Holiday motto that I’ll be enjoying with my fam! Def will be tuning in on Black n Red Friday! :harley_hv_6:

Happy Thanksgiving, @DCDaily and DCU crew! After feasting, lot of random catching up to do - like finally giving S2 of Titans a go. Hope you guys enjoy the downtime! :turkey:

I’m glad the @DCDaily crew is getting, what I am sure is, a much needed break…some how it just doesn’t seem like a weekday without @DCDaily but my very best wishes to all the cast and crew.

Looking forward to my “fix” on Friday. Not to mention Titans S2 finale & the premier of HQ.

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Happy Thanksgiving @DCDaily and DC community! Hope everyone is enjoying time with friends, family, and your favorite DC comics. Does anyone have any good comic series to binge over the break or thanksgiving themed episodes to watch?

I read that exact comic just yesterday.

I’d say Crisis on infinite earths is a good binge.
(But I remember thanksgiving and Xmas with my family and think, if the universe got destroyed by the anti-monitor right now, things would be soooo much better.)