Next Batman movie

Since Ben Afflec is out as Batman, the next Batman movie should be a mix of Battle for the Cowl and The Court of owls. It should start with one of the Talons beating Batman so this moves on from Ben Afflec. Next the Talons could have hits on Gotham main characters so we would be able to how Dick, Jason and Tim all differ on how to approach the saving of the targets. This would lead to a new Batman but with a whole new approach, instead of seeing the sure of himself version who knows what he is doing. We could get a Batman still learning how to be, and how to get batter.

I would pick Karl Urban to be Batman and do the Under The Red Hood story as lots of foreshadowing towards it was in Batman vs Superman. That’s just me though.

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I agree with Rubbler, but not with Karl Urban. I think a Red Hood story would be the best thing DC could do with that movie. It would be able to include Joker, and reintroduce a new Ra’s Al Ghul (Liam Neeson was still the best in my opinion. Perfectly cast.) to a new batman.