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I am new here to the DC Universe and and learning how to get around on here and I must admit I’m a little bit lost. First question is how can I search within a specific category for example if I want to search for something within the community postings how can I specifically search with in the postings or if I want to search for specific comic books series listed as essential reads in news articles how can I search for just the comic books by titles, years and issue series when the news article does not post links to them essential reads?

In this case I am specifically referring to the news article currently posted about essential comic book issues to read about Raven and tails of the new teen titans referenced as the year 1982 and also specifying two different issues series that being issues one through four and then a separate storyline about triggon and issues one through five.

Can anyone please post links to those comics listed in the article I would really appreciate it I started watching the teen titans TV series on here and I am enjoying it and especially enjoying the character of raven and would like to catch up on some of her essential story lines. I found the news article very fascinating and interesting and would like to read with the post in the article without links.


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Welcome! To find the Essential Raven Stories, go to the DCUniverse homepage and scroll down (about 3/4 of the way down) until you see “Essential Raven Stories”. There is a “See More” hyperlink on the right side of the Raven stories; it will take you to a page with her stories.

There is a search icon (magnifying glass) in the top right of the screen. Enter your search term(s) then select the area you want to filter the search in (Movies & TV, Comics, Encyclopedia, Community, News).

Happy Reading!

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You’re in for a treat if u just started liking Raven, she’s one of my favorite characters in the DCU.

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Raven is awesome!! You can also watch the Teen Titans show to gain more knowledge of her


@JLWWSM, <3 ! To add to that, I’ve found that after searching, when clicking the “See More” expansion on the right hand side I get some more results I’m looking for.