Newest Titans episode overlooks a plot thread

What happened to the plot about someone placing items around Titans Tower to emotionally manipulate each member? I know we had a backstory episode in between, but this issue that almost got Jason to kill himself was completely forgotten. There was no indication that Deathstroke was able to pull this off, Donna’s soda seems too obscure for Slade to know about, and Jericho seems to be attached to his father, albeit forcefully.

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I wouldn’t exactly call it a plot hole. It seemed like a one-episode thing, and with Dick mentioning his secret, that gives the Titans two big reasons as to why most of them left. I assume Deathstroke was able to infiltrate the tower because he’s just that good. In the past, we have seen instances in which he was able to pick on secret information (location of secret meeting etc.) so this doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch. I’ll give you the soda thing, it made me question whether Deathstroke really was in the Tower, or if that was just paranoia talking. Jericho didn’t seem forcefully attached to his father, I would say he was more reluctant. Clearly there’s alot of conflict going on there. You can see that they care about eachother, but Jericho doesn’t want to feel that way because Slade is a killer and doesn’t seem him often, which Jericho clearly hates. Even if it’s not that extreme, doesn’t everyone have a sort of love-hate relationship with their parents at some point?

I could accept that explanation. My big issue is that the event and Jason’s near suicide isn’t even mentioned. One of two things could have happened, either Dick didn’t tell the others that Jason nearly jumped off the roof or they’re ignoring that fact. Neither case seems like a good reaction on anyone’s part. If Dick doesn’t tell anyone, he’s only leaving Jason to deal with his personal demons which is a bad idea if he’s already contemplating suicide. If the others know and they aren’t shown acknowledging and apologizing to Jason then they’re just being horrible people.

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I would assume Dick just didn’t tell them. I think that he probably felt like that would just embarrass Jason, who is already a pretty touchy guy. The way I thought of it is that in the time we didn’t see: between the previous episode and this most recent one: Jason told Dick that they had to tell the others right away. I was quite unhappy that Jason was the first to ditch Dick after everything he’s done for him, but on the other hand, I could see why he would blame Dick for almost getting him killed.

I just wish they could show things actually happening that explain their reasoning and actions. Here it just feels like a case of not being able to keep track of characters and plot. There doesn’t even seem to be any implication either, at least as I can tell. It just feels like bad storytelling when we as an audience have to fill in major character interactions. Something like Jason speaking with Dick before he reveals all to the team would be enough.

Perhaps. Titans is definitely my favorite show on currently, but I’m split: I think that adding more episodes would be good so they could accomplish all their ambitious goals…but that would also lower the production value, and I don’t want that to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been loving this season, this episode just felt jarring compared to what was going on the last few episodes

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Yeah, I’m inclined to agree. That DS scene though. Jaw dropped.