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While I’ve been a huge fan of dc I’ve always been sporadic on comics I’ve followed some animated stuff the live action movies and video games the heaviest. But I was looking into starting to read collections but I don’t know where to start when i go into a store. I’ve tagged my favorite characters. Batman, joker, red hood, Superman and the Justice league in general. What’re some suggestions on where to start.


Detective Comics is as good a place as any. The New 52 did a lot of things people didn’t like, but the Batman stuff has always been solid.


Justice league right now is dope. Batman. Hal Jordan and the Green lanterns is a great comic that spends most of the time in space. Greenlanterns is very in depth for people first starting out. In which case I would recommend you start out with Hal Jordan and the Green lanterns Rebirth #1(The latest and ongoing run).


batman by snyder and capullo. jla by grant morrison. batman under the red hood. for the joker and batman i recommend batman by marshall rogers. i think its called batman the dark detective.

Great question! I’m always excited to see more people getting into comics. (Especially DC comics)

First things first.

Are you interested in reading trades (Collections of issues) or picking up individual issues as they come out?

If you want to read issues as they come out, i always recommend just jumping in! Comics come out on wednesdays so next wednesday just go to a comic shop (or an app like comixology) and pick up the issues you are interested in. Even if it’s issue 80 and in the middle of a story arc. Just jump in!

Now if you want to go the trade route (which is the cheaper way) i would start with rebirth Vol. 1’s. There are weekly sales on Comixology so i would check with them weekly. A good place to start would be Batman and Superman (Like always). I personally really enjoy the first few volumes of Green Arrow Rebirth as well.

And while I’m here i might as well shamelessly plug our little Book Club here on DC Universe. We’ve got a great group and all the books we are read are included on DC Universe.

A few new reader friendly trades (trade paperbacks aka collected editions) titles I recommend:

-Aquaman volume one: The Trench (first volume of the New 52 Aquaman series)
-Superman Unchained (the best New 52 Superman title)
-Divine Right: The Adventures of Max Faraday
-JLA volume one (by Grant Morrison; not to be confused with the first volumes of other Justice League of America series, this series is simply called JLA)
-Justice League volume 1: Origin (the first storyline of the New 52 Justice League)
-The Flash by Geoff Johns Book One
-Batman volume one: The Court of the Owls (the first collection of the New 52 Batman series)
-Superman volume one: Superman and Son (the first trade of the Rebirth Superman series)
-DC Universe Rebirth: The Deluxe Edition
-Wonder Woman volume one: Blood (the first New 52 Wonder Woman trade)
-All Star Superman
-Batman: Hush
-Green Lantern Rebirth (not to be confused with the Green Lanterns title from Rebirth, this is a mini-series by Geoff Johns)
-Dark Nights Metal (a really fun event mini-series anyone can jump into)
-Fables volume one
-Transmetropolitan Book One

Regarding single issue titles (aka material published in the magazine format that typically comes out on a monthly schedule but can vary by title), if you like Green Lantern, there’s a perfect jumping point with the release of next month’s The Green Lantern #1. Next month also sees the release of Shazam #1.

If you’re inclined to read digitally, all of these books are a cinch to pick up whenever you want with either the DC Comics or Comixology app. They also have four page previews to give you an idea of what the material is like.

Hope this helps and happy reading!

One other thing, as Matt McDonald said, when it comes to single issue titles, just jump in wherever they are really. Too many new readers get hung up on “I don’t have everything before this, so…”. Don’t worry about it, just jump in and move forward with whatever you’re reading. If you want to get what came before your entry point, fine. If not, that’s fine too. Just go with what works for you.

Some additional clarifiation since you’ve a set group of characters/properties you want to start with:

-Batman: For Batman, you can’t go wrong with Batman: Hush. It’s a solid story with badass art, features supporting characters and villains you know (and maybe some you may not) from the movie and TV arenas and…man it’s HUSH! New reader friendly Batman stories just don’t get better than Hush. A modern classic for good reason.

-Red Hood: Absolutely pick up Red Hood and the Outlaws volume one (the Rebirth series). There were Red Hood titles before this one, but the Rebirth Red Hood book is gold in every way.

-Superman: I recomended Superman Unchained earlier and I’ll stand by that for a one volume new reader entry point. Good writing by Scott Snyder and stellar art by Jim Lee (of Hush fame). If you really want to dive into Superman, I really reccomend the Death and Return of Superman. The current trade run of that runs five volumes though (four for the Death and Return and then a volume of assorted Doomsday stories) so it depends on how much Superman material you want to start with.

-Justice League: for a modern classic, absolutely Grant Morrison’s run on JLA. For JL material from the last decade (at most) you’ll be a happy camper with the first and last arcs of the New 52 JL. The first arc is called Origin (in trade; when it came out in single issues it was untitled) by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. The last arc is the Darkseid War and wow…it is good. Just badass in every way.

Hope that clarification helps and is of use.

Kill two bird with one stone and read Batman Killing Joke. It will qlso introduce tou to the amazing writer Alan Moore. Known for Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Swamp thing, Miracle Man and much more. Its a great Batman/Joker Story.

Batman Hush is great and mentioned here. Also fits your tags.

Batman Under the Red Hood by Judd Winnick is great, and if you enjoy that, Winnick wrote some great Green Lantern and Green Arrow stuff.

The new Rebirth Batman series has been good. You can either go get them all and read them, or just jump on to the current issues.

All the rebirth stuff has been new reader friendly, so dont get scared that you may not know the history or previous stories.

Batman Death of the Family by Snott Snyder was really good. Probably rhe only Snyder stuff Ive enjoyed.

If you want to see some early Red Hood stuff you can read Grant Morrisons Batman and Robin run. Its fun and kooky. Takes place when Batman died and Dick Grayson took up the Batman Mantle.

Also as a new comic reader it is overwhelmin sometimes, but if you just by an issue of aomething you are interested in and stick with it a few issues, youll start understanding and getting the stories. Dont worry abour not starting at #1 or part 1 or anything.

The Rebirth Action Comics and Superman stuff has been great also.

I, too, am a beginner at comicbook reading! I’m loving every moment of it! I do keep up with the DC Universe Reading Club and I find that’s a fun place to read along. They put out a few issues to read up and discuss on the weekend. Try doing that.

Everyone I ask has usually said the same thing. Start reading comics based on your favorite superheroes. You’ll start to find your way. I still had Trouble with that but I do it with the DC Universe Reading Club suggestions. (Think side missions in a game)

Now on my main reading quest (thing the main campaign in a video game) I started using the Comicbook Herald’s reading order suggestion on the New 52.
Here’s the link:*YW1wLUE0NGhGbi14MFVYTEVlU3FON29SVi1fek5hN1puU1BvMXEwVHBwR01IQnBjeTkwZEtFVlpnQ2ZQZV9WM0x5MXY.

Maybe this’ll help you too! Happy Reading to you!! Cheers! :call_me_hand:t4::muscle:t4:

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Here’s a list for amazing comics for beginners-

Batman: A killing Joke, a long Halloween, a death in the family, under the Redhood, Batman first appearance comics, court of owls, knightfall

Superman: All Star Superman- this is honestly amazing. Truly made me cry.

Read The Dark Knight Returns once you get familiar with Batman

Go to the DC reddit page and the might rec bot will help you get into DC comics.