New to DCU

I just wanted to say hello and wanted to ask how often new content is added?


Don’t know if there’s a set schedule, but notices are posted in the watchtower.

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Welcome. Ring the bell and Alfred will whip you up a snack.


Just wanted to be the first to welcome you aboard. I am new as well hope you enjoy the site. That is a good question sorry I don’t have an answer to your question but I would also like to know when that happens.

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Every few weeks new content is added. Hope you have fun!

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welcome to family bud and for content not really sure hear new stuff is suppose to come in december but dont remember what and not sure when new content gets added hopefully a mod will see this and let you know again welcome to family

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Krypton is coming early next year! New Titans episodes every Friday! Dc daily Monday to Friday!

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Welcome to the machine. I’m sure I’ll see u in the boards, happy to help & the people who run this site are awesome, they will take care of u.