New to DCU - My Artwork!

Wow that cool I am new here so nice to meet ya

I draw this my self



Welcome to the Community!! I think you’ll enjoy it here, it’s full of amazing people. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. I love your Artwork! Amazing job and thanks for sharing!

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What a way to make an introduction, @snowythevulpix! It’s great to have you join our community and I’m so happy that you shared your art with us. :slight_smile: It’s stunning work!

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Welcome to DC Universe @snowythevulpix, that is such a great art of Joker and Harley! :grinning:

Welcome to our humble hangout space, @snowythevulpix! We’re glad to have you and your art skills! :green_heart:

Welcome to DCU, and glad you shared your work! Always happy to see another artist join us!

Welcome! Cool drawing.

I love The Batman and those versions of Joker and Harley. Really cool drawing :smiley:

Welcome aboard. Love the drawing.