[New to DCU] Comic Reviews Week of 12/9: See bottom

Every week (When I have time) I will give my two-three sentence thoughts on every book attached with a score from 1-5.

Old Lady Harley #2
Old Lady Harley is fun with it’s world building, but it’s jokes are very hit or miss. I enjoyed the always guessing ability to make this world interesting, but certain parts of the world make no sense like the Canadian Prime

Heroes in Crisis #3
Heroes in Crisis has some really interesting ideas about PTSD and Trauma. However, plot wise nothing moves forward which probably works in the stories favor. There is a real tradgedy behind Wally and Lagoon Boy which is portrayed VERY well.

Justice League Odyssey #3
The action in this book is a MESS. Though the core ideas are fun, Williamson has to balance too many characters voice and moments and as such no one character’s story points make sense. Who’s doing what often became muddy and confusing and the action was hard to picture. Not a bad book though.

Batgirl #29
Batgirl for intents and purposes is fun! The dark internet stuff is super convoluted and forced. I get the direction the writer wants to go but she doesn’t quite nail it. She does succeed however in crafting a fun story which at the end of the day is really nice.

Batman Beyond
This story has established such a wonderful dynamic that continues to build while also reflecting on what happened in the past. The story has a lot of heart even as everything is falling apart. Robin Beyond is about to face his first real test and I could not be more excited.

Aquaman/Justice League #1
As a story, this ending is a mess. As the end of Abnett’s Aquaman run, this issue is okay. Abnett’s Aquaman at it’s heart has celebrated Aquaman and Mera’s relationship. Unfortunately Abnett never got to have a conclusion and at best got some tie-in stuff. Abnett needed an epilogue issue and instead had to cut it short and unfortunately Drowned Earth is a sour end to Abnett’s amazing run.

Wonder Woman #59
Wonder Woman is a fine comic. It’s new direction was full of intrigue, but it took to little time developing Ares before getting political. I’m normally a fan of a political angle but it can’t rush in order to get to that part. As such, the new Ares feels kinda bland.

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Shazam #1
Talk about a fun comic. I liked it a lot but it’s just a fun story. It’s not nessecarilly compelling. However, Shazam has a LOT of potential after this issue. The back issue was fun but didn’t add much.

Martian Manhunter #1
Martian Manhunter felt split. The first half in the house and the early flashback were good, but the art hurt the issue with an uncanny face obstruction. The second half is super interesting and compelling and I want to know ALOT more.
Definitely pick this up.

Green Lantern #2
Green Lantern is remarkably alien and continues to deliver over the top art and wild new concepts. Alot happens in a page and that both helps and hurts Green Lantern. On one hand, the green lantern is an intense exploration of discovery and appreciating the craziness of space. On the other hand, in Morrison fashion, it gets confusing. Overall it’s a hard but enjoyable read. (Look up an annotation guide if you want more help understanding it)

Adventures of the Supersons #5
The supersons are such a wonderful duo. They find humor in the most heartfelt way, but sometimes the desire to be humourous hurts the plot and becomes a little messy. That being said, if you are not reading Adventures of the Supersons WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!

Justice League #13
Snyder rarely fails to create a bombastic Justice League Comic. He succeeds once again with a very fun character issue. Focusing on Lex’s offer to the Joker and the Joker’s reaction, this issue is full of twist and turns and proves to be a fun character study revealing just how intelligent the joker actually is despite the seemingly crazy inane mental process. This is a great issue to read regardless of what you’ve managed to read.


I loved Shazam. It was neat to see the Marvel family from the movie. I also liked how they are trying to figure out what to call themselves since Captain Marvel cannot be used anymore ( even though I think Mary Marvel could still be used ). They can’t refer to themselves as Shazam or they will be changing constantly. I disagree that the back issue didn’t add, we got to see Hoppy the Marvel Bunny !

I do agree on GL, it is hard to follow… I have read both issues twice and I am not sure I have a grasp for what is going on. I also do not like how there was not a smooth transition between the last story line in Green Lanterns and this one.

I dropped G Willow Wilson’s WW. I didn’t have a problem with the writing but the art was so atrocious that it took me completely out of the story :-1:t3::-1:t3: