[New to DCU] Book Club Week 11

This week on DCU Book Club, we have a conundrum of only 2 titles that we are reading. So, I went through rebirth stories that I’ve never read that I really want to read which are important but are forgotten with so many stories in rebirth.

So this week we are reading

Batman #51 ← We’ve seen how Catwoman reacted to the break up. How is Batman handling.
Justice League #4 ← The Slow Force and Ultraviolet forces are explored more and also more about Grodd’s past.

The Lazarus Contract: Parts 1-3
Titans #11
Teen Titans #8
Deathstroke #19


Batman #51

  1. What is Batman angry at when he goes to the Bathroom?
  2. Do you think Batman is a dangerous power in the court system?
  3. Who watches Batman and makes sure he’s okay?

Justice League #4

  1. Is Grodd’s origin feel right?
  2. Is Turtle the Flash’s first villain?
  3. How do you stop this? Are the stakes too great?

The Lazarus Contract: Parts 1-3

  1. Which of the three parts do you like more?
  2. How does this story change your perspective on Deathstroke?
  3. Does Teen Titans Special #1 change your perspective on this issue?

The Lazarus Contract will be finished later!!


Looking forward to reading Batman and Justice League!


Justice League #4 first, maybe I’ll finally understand why Baby Turtle is being carried around by Grodd…

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It’s a deterrent! “You can’t punch me! I’m holding a baby!”

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HAHA. I’m pretty sure its so he can control the slow force. What you will find out is that the origin of the Turtle and the Turtle line is very important to baby turtle. No more spoilers.

I also feel like its a baby hitler sort of scenario. Would you kill a baby dicatator?

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Justice League #4

Like the first third of a great opera, the conflict / challenge to the heroes is now fully fleshed out! You can almost hear the pit orchestra come to a loud crescendo as the slow force comes to 100% and Sinestro’s mighty purple army arises!

“Fool me once”…the heroes weren’t ready and couldn’t see what was coming, much like the 9/11 attack of our current culture. But now hopefully they can collect their wits and fight back…and win someday? Hard to say, battle that starts here issue #4 continues today!

  1. Grodd’s origin. Sad, but feels right. A child with godlike powers…probably won’t end well (see Twilight Zone cornfield episode).
  1. Is the Turtle the Flash’s first villain? I’ll have to look that up.

  2. How is this going to be stopped? Time travel maybe? New Gods help out possibly, since it’s their Source Wall that was broken?

I’m frankly not interested in a batman family movie, because the movie wouldn’t likely be that interesting. The highlights of the Batman family is the diversity of characters and the characters likely wouldn’t work well as one big movie. Generally Batman centered events struggle for this exact reason. Prelude to The Wedding series was so good because it focused first and foremost on the Bat Family and Villains Diversity.

@Donte also please don’t copy and paste that sort of stuff. Just make your own post instead of distracting other post.

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This thread is the place to be apparently

Batman #51 - pretty sure I read this when it came out a year ago. It seems wierdly disconnected from the previous issue fyi.

  1. What is Batman angry at when he goes to the Bathroom? He’s angry that people of Gotham think he could kill.
  2. Do you think Batman is a dangerous power in the court system? No one should operate or do autopsies outside of the law. So yeah, it’s a valid point.
  3. Who watches Batman and makes sure he’s okay? Well, there’s the Bat Family of course and Commissioner Gordon.
  1. i hadn’t thought of that. The Bat family does watch over Batman, but to what extent?

ALSO! DCU Book Club Week 12 is going to be late because it was my birthday yesterday so I didn’t have the time to work on it.


Titles for next week:

Action Comics #1001
Detective Comics #985
The Flash #51
Justice League: Dark #1
Teen Titans #20


@nathan.payson We’ve got a Bat Family movie on the way (maybe available already…) It’s a Lego Bat Family movie. Oooh! It’s gonna be a Good Time! Those are always just pure enjoyment!

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