Tom Kings Run #1-24 is on DC Universe. Why are you still here, go read it!
The Button crossover Why are you still here, go read it!
All star Batman #1-9 which is fantastic
Edge of Oblivion #1-6
Birds of Prey New 52 #1-13
Lots of birds of Prey 1997 side series
Cyborg 2015 1-5 Solid B
Injustice gods among us #1-36 Why are you still here, go read it!
The OMAC Project (2005) #1-5
Aquaman(2011) #27-52 WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE? LEAVE


Hip hip hooray for new comix!

I did notice while perusing New 52 Aquaman that #41 is the issue from the 90’s ongoing, and not the one it should be from the N52 series. I’m sure some things will be modified as time goes on, but that one caught my eye.

Thank you for all of the new comics =)


Also Harley Quinn Rebirth 1-26 is available


I noticed Birds of Prey: Manhunt is also on here which as far as I remember wasn’t here before. My bad if it was.

That’s one of the birds of prey small series.

I missed some of those when I looked but it seems pretty cool. I still want to know what is going on with the comics section in general so hopefully the promised announcement will be forthcoming. I also wish they would stop adding stuff like 90s Action Comics that is essentially unreadable without the crossover issues

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Or Tom King Batman. Useless beyond the first arc without the issues that tie into the Night of the Moster Men and the Button without the Flash issues.

Wow! What a great app

…but some will still complain. Enough with the whining, nobody likes whiners especially when you get major yields


DemonEtrigan. I talked about this with someone else. Tom Kings run never once mentions Night of the monster men. That story is a Detective comics story and spins off there.

In terms of the button, (which is available on DCU) that’s not mentioned either in the war of jokes and riddles.

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So the Action Comics additions are very crossover heavy? That sucks, I was thinking of trying out Panic in the Sky.

And I’d argue Night of the Monster Men is more Batman focused, since while King didn’t write those issues, it continues the plot of the first arc regarding Hugo Strange and Gotham Girl.

but Detective Comics is more directly influenced by Monster men

That’s fair.

Oh, and another book new to the service – Superman: Birthright.

You can still read 90’s Action just fine issue to issue as long as you’re okay knowing you may have missed something from one of the other titles.


Combining this with Comixology Unlimited, there are ton’s of comics any DC fan/newbie can enjoy!!!

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Oh, and here’s any oddball one – Blue Devil #23. I don’t know what’s more surprising, that they added this on here, or that a Blue Devil book got published for that long.

You’re talking about on comixology unlimited I assume that’s where I saw that

Tons of new goods

I loved the Blue Devil book… but it is odd they have just #23. I am guessing it’s because Firestorm is in it, but they have never had much firestorm on here and removed what little they had (which I think was just the first appearance of Killer Frost from the first Firestorm series even then). I love Firestorm so all for more of him, but weird addition. Maybe it was a key issue of some kind I don’t know.

As for Action. I thought that too, the problem with Superman comics is for quite a time in the 90’s (and I think early 2000’s) they had the Superman books literally continue from one book to another. So it would go from Action, to Superman, to Adventures, to Man of Steel (I think the 4th one was) etc. Making it basically a weekly comic with the writer/artist team rotating and stories continuing from one to the other. So having just Action means you miss a lot including often the beggining, middle or end of a story. So except for the single issue stories it could be hindering. Maybe they plan to add the others, but I do agree while I get that everyone wants longer runs so they are giving us that, in the cast of that era of Superman unless they can give us all the various titles from that time period might be better to use the space for something else. (arguably a lot of 90’s Superman of that time was not his best, due in large part to the way they published making multi-part stories hard to keep the same tone).

I do like the additions though, although I still hope when all is said and done we get more Supergirl. It is annoying that all she has is one special that is far from the best Supergirl has had to offer. She deserves better, it’s one of their oldest female characters now headlining her own show and star of many ongoing series and regular feature of many different titles.

Agreed on Supergirl very weird exclusion.

I am setting aside the Supergirl rebirth issues that are on Comixology Unlimited, two TPB volumes, so looking forward to that!