New to comics, what should I start with?

Big fan of DC in all other media, but have not dug into the comics much. I’d like to stick with the modern age comics. What should I start with?


So, Batman is always a great starting point for DC! Or Superman. Or Wonder Woman. We call them the “trinity”. You can really get a feel for the DC universe by exploring their comics. I think getting started you might go for Batman Rebirth #1. It’s a good jumping on point. There’s obviously a lot of history, but that’s will get you going forward. Nightwing and Green Arrow are my other personal favorites. Nightwing Rebirth is a great jumping on point. When you explore Nightwing, you interact with Batman, Superman, Robin, Teen Titans. Super fun! Good luck and welcome to DC!

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Since you’re looking to start on the modern side, the current DC Rebirth trades/hardcovers are a good place to begin. Tomasi’s “Superman” and “Super Sons” are my Rebirth favorites, followed closely by King’s Batman. As far as critically-acclaimed stories throughout the years, “Superman: Red Son,” “All Star Superman,” “Batman: Hush,” “Batman Vol. 1 & 2 (New 52 - Court of Owls arc),” “Watchmen,” “Batman Adventures: Mad Love,” and “Batman: The Killing Joke” are a few must-reads that I’d recommend.

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Basically there’s been a “kind-of” reboot called “Rebirth”. Pick a character and look for their Rebirth title and start at Issue 1. It’s the most recent in the DC Universe. I’d recommend Batman, I really like Nightwing, Superman’s good, Flash is eh, Wonder Womans decent, and so on. If you like Hal Jordan the GL, then read Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. That one centers around him, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and Guy Gardner. All the main GLs. The Green Lantern series rn is about two new ones which are pretty lame Jessica and Simon. Teen Titans if you like those characters. The new Titans series (separate, based off the older teen titans now grown up) is pretty good. Just look through the list. I think this website has some comics organized if you look they have it so you can pick up recent series I think.

You have a unique opportunity here as there’s almost a comic available for any character you can think of.

My suggestion is: Take your time, try to read one comic from each character with an ongoing title. Find out which ones interest you the most and go for that. Then don’t be afraid to switch when you find something better. There is no one right answer for which character is right for you.

If you only follow one character from the start you will enter some sort of filter bubble as characters tend to interact based on the city they are in.

And finally a personal request, try to follow at least one character that isn’t part of the trinity. Help keep comics healthy with a plethora of characters on the comic book stands.

You should start with Marvel Unlimited cause this service looks like mainly an animated series platform til the original shows are out.

Red Hood and The Outlaws. It’s how I got into DC comics. Rebirth Rhato is great, as is the New 52 team

Aquaman new 52 is pretty amazing. Sinestro Corp war. Green lantern godhead. Midnighter. All star superman. Darkseid war.

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The New Teen Titans is everything. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.00, until you read the New Teen Titans. Marv Wolfman knows how to tell a story.

(Sidebar: Check out a few golden age comics, they are a trip)


Well I always say it depends what you’re into, genre wise. First figure out who you’d want to read about. Then, go to comicstorian or comicsexplained (shoutout cause they’re amazing) and get an idea on what the comics are like because every comic series is different. Red Hood rebirth is nothing like Nightwing rebirth and vice versa. This type of approach is what got my friends into DC Comics who were interested. One reads the Flash while the other reads Red Hood and The Outlaws.

At this point, given the extremely poor selection of comics offered here, I’d say you should start with a subscription to Marvel Unlimited


Depends on which character’s story you want to read.

For Batman, start with Snyder’s The Court of Owl. If you want to read something about Green Lantern and Aquaman, try Geoff Johns’ run ;
For other characters, I think you can just star with the Rebirth Series.


I started reading comics regularly in 2014 and just jumped in with the New 52 #1s. Once you get going, you can always go back to read classic titles. The current Rebirth titles could also be a good place to start. However, the New 52 and Rebirth offerings are pretty slim on this service.