New to comics.. help?

So I’m new to comics. I’ve always loved Batman but a few years ago I started to get more into DC. I found about Shazam, red hood, etc. I been loving DC since. I’m currently reading red hood and the outlaws rebirth and I’m really enjoying it. I also bought a comic from the Batman that laughs. I want to get into that too. Any suggestions on where to start with that? Or just in general any tips what not about comics?

The Batman Who Laughs was first introduced in Dark Knights Metal but I’m not sure what issue. I’m a trade collector because they’re cheaper, they save space and I feel you get more bang for your buck.

I would start with Rebirth Batman (if you haven’t already) I also have a guide to Rebirth which is a great place to start. Just chose the option you like and go with it. I’ll happily answer any questions you may have about it.

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There’s the link


It’s a good question for some reason Batman has to be overly complicated I understand that they’re trying to do multiple arcs in the issues as well as sell as many issues per month as they can but Batman who laughs was first introduced all the way back in Batman metal so you’d have to start with that but in order to start with Batman metal you need to read some of rebirth so honestly it might be easiest to just start with Batman who laughs issue 1 get the deluxe edition or Omniverse and let your mind fill in the blanks reading Batman is way too freaking hard

Try DC Database Wiki. It should help you with learning more about major story arcs and key issues in DC Comics.

Also check out the You Tube channel Comic Pop, they have a series called Back Issues where a comic fan explains comics to two non comic fans. They also do a show called Bat Issues which is a Batman focused version of Back Issues. Back/Bat Issues for the most part has the same three guys but at times the cast changes depending on the story being covered, cast availability or like when Sal explains The Dark Knight Returns to his mom and dad. I’ve actually bought a few comics they’ve discussed because they get me interested in the story rather it’s good or bad.