new superman ( and the justice league of China ) missing issues after #12

I wondered why this older series was incomplete on dc universe. I only found #1-#12 ( of 24 total issues). I am still evaluating this service and trying to understand the limitations.

We’re hoping each month they’re going to add one more issue, kind of like they do a Marvel unlimited …so like Issue 13 of what you’re concerned about would show up next month, that kind of thing

New Superman is next on my reading list.

Some series they have the complte run, others they only have the beginning usually the first 12-24 issues. No idea what exactly makes them choose one thing over another. I am guessing how many people read the ones initially put down has to be a factor.

New Super-man was released monthly so if they are saying no rebirth comics after 2018 Febuary 6th or what not. They find the end of the last volume to be before that dat and release it. Most of the series with 24 issues on DCU were bimonthly and got an extra 2 volumes over the monthly comics