New Stuff Coming to DCU - Green Lantern Animated and More!

Found this article at The Beat:

Arriving soon:

-New Adventures of Batman / Superman - Dec 28th.
-Green Lantern TAS on Jan 1st (Happy New Year to that!) alongside Batman/Superman Apocalypse and Public Enemies
-All Star Superman - Jan 8th
-Aquaman Pilot (Mercy Reef) - Jan 11
-Superman Vs The Elite - Jan 15
-Superman Unbound - Jan 22

… and that’s all in addition to stuff we already know, like Young Justice Season 3 (Jan 4) and all-new DC animated movies arriving day and date alongside their DVD releases (like Reign of the Supermen, Jan 29).

Going to be a packed couple of months!

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Green Lantern TAS was a great show. It took a while for me to get used to the animated style but the story was very good. Looking forward to watching it again. I just purchased a small Superman DVD lot and watched all those movies. They are all very good.