New SHAZAM series


Ok folks… we are two issues in. What are your thoughts so far?

I like where they are going with Dr Sivana and Mr. Mind.

The Magiclands stuff is interesting.

Issue 2 was a nice set up, but was hoping for a little more action

My only knock on this new Shazam is how freely his foster family can become heroes too. I feel it kind of takes away from the uniqueness of Billy being Magic’s champion…

Sound off!


I’m enjoying it so far, its another winner from Johns. Mr. Mind is creepy.

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It’s pretty great so far.

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I’m enjoying it I really don’t know much about the character Shazam Only reason I did decide to read it because of Geoff John’s and Dale Eagleaham Which I am sad to see he is not the artist for issue 2 I hope he is back for 3 and on

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To comment on he foster family having powers too: Almost since the moment Captain Marvel was created there was Captain Marvel Jr and Mary Marvel who freely had powers. Captain Marvel Jr got his powers from shouting “Captain Marvel” so he didn’t get them from Shazam, but he still freely had powers of his own and even had his own long running book, as did Mary Marvel. Johns adding the entire foster family is just an extension of this idea.

It’s true that Shazam is not unique since they all have powers, it’s essentially how the character was created and adds a uniqueness in itself… that fact that Shazam is a family and not just a character. It’ll be interesting to see where Johns takes this concept as he expands on his idea of the Magic lands.

All around it’s been great so far.

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Great insight nymdel28708! That is something I do forget. TBH, Johns got me back on board with Shazam. So, I am excited to see where this heads…

HUGE potential to be a great run!

I’m digging it so far. The whole Billy Bastons dad showing up is a twist I’m Keen on seeing how that turns out. I think the team dynamic is a cool idea even though it’s a little over used now a days, it seems like ever book is about a team or a hero with multiple sidekicks.

Missed Dale on issue #2 but Santucci’s art was amazing so that made up for it.

There is quite a bit going on but it doesn’t feel all over the place.

Curious to see where Mr Mind and Dr Sivana go from here.

Definitely glad I added this book to my pull cause it’s worth it!

I truly loved the first issue. The premise with the whole Shazam family being a Scooby gang appeals to me.

I am not as certain about the series after issue 2. I think there may be a thing as too much Scooby.