New Rocksteady game revealed soon?

I have some hopes that Rocksteady’s (Batman Arkham studio)new game will be shown at the Video Game awards. I’ve seen people say it’s a Solo Superman game and I have also seen people say it’s a Justice League game. I would take either. Any thoughts?


Possibly at the awards show but not expecting any reveal until E3 2019


I want either a Superman, flash family or Aquaman video game. Imagine an open world Atlantis for Aquaman


At least Rocksteady is hinting at the game their making. We haven’t heard anything from WB Games Montreal. The last thing they did was the Batgirl A Matter Of Family story dlc for Arkham Knight, and that wasn’t even a full game.

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I want a Lobo game. Maybe a full Deathstroke game where you fight the Justice League as the game bosses.

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There’s this rumor:

Given that Superman is in the title I think my hopes of getting a choice of Kara/Kal for the next Kryptonian based game are dashed.

Dude’s not going to be greedy though. I’ll take another Superman game any day.

I wouldnt read too much into it. “Worlds Finest” references team-ups and only team-ups. If it were exclusively Superman alone I imagine it would be something like “man of steel” or “man of tomorrow”. A Superman/Batman team up would most likely be called “Worlds Finest” as that is the title of their first team-up.
This has been a rumor since BEFORE the announcement of Arkham Knight so I have more than moved on from this idea. Would be great, of course, but personally think that a great Superman video game is near impossible as Superman can leave Earth and fly to OA at any given moment

There’s been tons of fake leaks and rumors since AK came out. The next game was heavily rumored for E3 and nothing still hasn’t been revealed.

Just going to wait for an official announcement trailer someday

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I really hope it’s a Superman game. I think we need a modern solo game.

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I want a fresh Arkham game, I fricking love them all, I’ve played em like 100 times :joy::joy: but I’m Batman obsessed.

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If it’s another batman game awesome but I’d much prefer justice league or Superman I’ve never

I’ll be happy with any DC game being released on console but my preference would be Batman in an all new story, Flash, Green Lantern Corps or Justice League.

Plus Injustice 3 of course


Rocksteady just announced next game will not be solo superman game

Officially just announced? So then JL?

Yes according to rocksteady officially not solo superman now even more rumors are leaning toward justice league but no official jl announcement yet

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Well shit

Wb Montreal has pretty much just announced batman game with the court of owls being antagonist

Now wb games is hinting at a Arkham style wonder woman game plus wb Montreal’s batman court of owls game

I’ll believe it when I see.

All i know it is not superman but rockstedy did lie about joker in arkham kinght but i think rockstedys making a justice league
Game but im not getting my hopes up casue of these roumers every year.