New Release Comics Roundup For 4/3/19

April showers bring flowers and new comics! What new goodies are you anticipating this week?

-Young Justice #4
-Adventures of the Super Sons #9 (between this, Wonder Woman Giant and Batman Giant, it’s a good time to like Hex)
-The Green Lantern #6
-Justice League #21

Check out on hoopla, if available:
-Mera: Tidebreaker
-Super Sons: The Polarshield Project

Your turn =)

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It’s going to be an expensive trip.

Justice League 21
Adventures of the Super sons 9
Young justice 4
Green lantern 6

Had my local store grab me a doomsday clock 5 to complete my series so far

Then I have last weeks too cause I didn’t get to go ugh.

Going to have tons of reading this weekend.

Always good to have a plethora of reading material. What’s your most anticipated new book this week?

Uncanny X-men #15
Deathstroke #42
Female furies #3
Justice league #21
Green lantern #6

Just TGL #6 for me this week

Slow week for me…

Young Justice #4, and from dark horse Black Hammer '45 #2

Will enjoy
Black Hammer 45
Uncanny X-men

Adv Super Sons
Justice League

Buy only to keep current
Female Furies
Green Lantern
Young Justice

Mera Tidebrraker

Getting it but still not completely sold on Morrison’s GL.

Mera Tide Breaker is a fine story.

It takes it’s time but is complete

Mera looks like herself.

Arthur has dark hair.

Good to hear about Tidebreaker. I got it and the Super Sons OGN and am very eager to read both.

Justice League #21
Young Justice #4
War of the Realms #1
What to read the new Mera and Supersons books but it might be a while until I get the chance.