New reader - comic recommendations?

I was heavily into DC Comics as a kid, as I grew upI stopped keeping up. Now that I have a little more time and a niece I want to show her the magic that DC brought me as a child. I was hoping to get some help on where to start reading to keep up with the new continuity of the DC Universe.
(Please remove this post if it is not allowed, just looking for some help in where to start)


Two wonderful modern continuity starting points:

  1. Justice League (2011-2016) #1

  2. DC Universe: Rebirth #1

The first is the beginning of The New 52 reboot, while the second is the beginning of the DC Universe: Rebirth relaunch.

Both are completely accessible and easy to grasp.


Pretty much any of the Rebirth #1s will give you a good jumping on point in the current continuity. Rebirth wasn’t a clean slate like the New 52 tried to be, but it was created as a fresh start and is very accessible. Also, the new Young Justice series might seem like an odd recommendation in that it’s reintroducing a team of characters with long histories in the DC Universe, but it actually feels very new reader friendly in a “don’t worry about what came before, just enjoy this story and these characters” way.


In 2016, DC Comics did a reboot.

You start with

(2016) only one issue

I recommend

Aquaman 2011
Detective Comics 2016
Superman Lois and Clark
Then Superman 2016
Wonder Woman 2016 Year One the early even numbered issues
Green Lanterns 2016

For further details:


My Massive DC Rebirth Reading Order


And for your child


Child-friendly comics?


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Hey @romerojevon1993! This is a great question and I would hate to see it not get the attention it deserves, so I’m going to move this thread to the Comic Book section here in just a minute. There should be even more users there who would be willing to lend a helping hand.

Some kid friendly reads are:
DC Superhero Girls
DC Comics: Secret Hero Society
Li’l Gotham
Dear Justice League

Honestly really into the newest rebirth but running into continuity errors is gonna be a big part of comics kinda gotta just pick a hero or group you like and stay getting them all into your reading lists!!