New photos of Black Canary from BoP:tFEoOHQ

There are more in this article and on Twitter



Looks she has a tummy ache. Kind of an awkward looking photo.

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Looks *like…

Yeah, leaks rarely look good.

I cant lie, I dont like it. There is always a chance that she will have multiple outfits, but if not, I’m not impressed. I know costumes dont make a movie good, but C’mon. Can we at least get some fishnets? Can Huntress were a mask? I dont trust Margot Robbie as a producer. Cassandra is dressed like Short-round from Temple of Doom. Montoya looks tv quality. Fingers crossed, could still be amazing. But in the immortal words of Han Solo, “I have a bad feeling about this”. Let’s hope I’m just overly cynical

I’m going to hold off on giving an official opinion. Leaks and images like this never do the actor/actress and the movie itself justice. But … i’m kind of meh about it

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Hmm… Yeah.
I’m definitely gonna wait to weigh in.

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True words on leaks usually not looking good, remember the reaction the leaks for Titans got?

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I don’t like it but it’s just a set photo. Things could very easily change.


puts on his “Think Positive, Stay Positive” hat Birds of Prey is going to be good, I can tell.


What’s the deal with that guy wearing a pink hat in the left corner? I mean, I’d be upset wearing it too, but yeesh!

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I’ve seen septum piercings actually look pretty hot, but I dont like it for Dinah. I’m going to keep my hopes up though. Could be amazing, anything is possible

I’m really digging the hair. And I got a good feeling about her, I think she’s gonna turn in a great performance that’ll transcend her costume. Now about that script tho…

Looks good

Im actually really looking forward to this movie. I think Ewan McGregor is going to knock it out of the park as Black Mask.

Is this going to be another Titans Starfire situation?

@abfgmsw, I hope so. I overreacted to her "first-look"images but ended up really liking the character despite her being a far less traditional Starfire. Anna Diop is a good actress. Jurnee was good in True Blood

I still prefer the animated Starfire. That version was more friendly and did not let as much bother her.