new joker image thoughts

I’m willing to give it a chance wonder what everyone else thinks


<3 it

This is a movie no one asked for and doesn’t need to be made.


Definitely going to see it I love the joker and Joaquin Phoenix being the joker just makes it even better

I like the feel of the test clip. I’m exited for it

Joaquin’s body type and facial features suit the Joker perfectly but the makeup felt more like John Wayne Gacy than the Joker. I dont know, I still have high hopes for the movie.

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I’m intrigued. I don’t know if this will be the “final” look for it or not, but it’s definitely it’s own thing. I’m willing to see where this goes. I’ll admit, I’m one of those people who doesn’t NEED a Joker origin movie. But i’m interested in seeing what they do!

I think that actor fits but I don’t want to see a clown which the makeup reminds me of. I want to see a skin disorder or bleaching due to a Ace chemical that has caused his mind to go as well!


I love any Joker related but the face paint was kinda different but different can be good :heart_eyes:

I cant stand it. everyone who likes it seems to be a fan cause of whats his face from dark knight. i actually hated that joker. he is an ok joker but not MY joker. MY joker is mark hamill from Batman games and a few select movies and shows. heath was a ok joker as his own joker as a version of the joker. but i didnt like the paint i didnt like the style i prefered the look of letto and the personality but everyone is stuck on heath and cause he popped a lot of joker cherrys hes seen as the face of joker to a lot of people which sucks. i myself dont like the new guy cause i feel hes gonna be another heath. painted face and more grounded in reality and not so praky funny in a dark way… just killy kinda funny in a dark way. wheres the fun in it. heath was to serious. jokers supposed to be an opposit i get that the dark knight trilogy was supposed to be gritty and serious but joker is best when he breaks that! hes a chaotic


I loathed the first reveal, but will admit that it worked better when I saw him in the full suit. I’d prefer a more traditional take, but what can ya do? All that said, I think a Joker origin movie is a terrible idea for a plethora of reasons.

People can hate on it I’m going to see it next year looks awesome


I like the makeup a lot, the red suit is taking getting used to. But red is my favorite color. I kinda like it because it looks kinda like the dark knight, which was going for a realistic approach. I like this more because this looks like a cross between realistic and comic book fantasy. I’m excited

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After Leto I like going back to simplicity and a sort of realism that Nolan gave us with Ledger’s joker. I think we’ve been lacking a true great villain over the years and even though this is a standalone origin film, I’m ready to see great acting again.

Underwhelming, BUT still intrigued in final product, even though I had wished that WB and DC would know that sometimes less is more.

There’s no way it’s the final look

I love the suit. Not into the make-up. I have nothing but complete faith in Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Philips. They will make a great product whether I dig the physical appearance of the Joker’s face or not.