New Imaginext DC Super Friends Two-Packs Are Out

I haven’t seen these in the wild yet, but via eBay and other outlets, they are showing up now, apparently at Walmart first.

In addition to the set above (Black Mask and Harley on roller skates), the sets seen below are also out and about (all pictures come from eBay):

Wonder Woman and Cheetah:

Batman and Rebirth garb Huntress:

The Batman and Huntress set has a packaging variant where Helena is not wearing her jacket, while her crossbow is packaged beneath her:

Happy Hunting Imaginext fans :slightly_smiling_face:


Need 2 of those sets. Recently shifted from general DC to just Bat fam collecting. Love Imaginext figures, new blindbags soon? Havent checked.


Definitely need those


@JimmyHaole I’ve not seen anything about upcoming single bag figures. Hopefully DC themed Imaginext will be one of the things Mattel can continue with into next year, and we’ll see more of them.

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About time they added Huntress

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Those have to be mine. Especially Huntress, but I literally want everyone of them.

I actually was looking for a new Wonder Woman