new idea for digital codes and the comic section in general (no more swapping)

I wrote something before mentioning this, but the app needs to improve the forum a little. Definitely needs notifications for one. and maybe a thread pin, so you can save threads. I’m not sure if newer conversations get bumped up but that would be nice as well. Otherwise I do love the forums and it’s nice to have on this app.

So the idea is to have comics if not pre-rebirth, at least pre-52, should be free on the app. Obviously new comics won’t be up but slowly year by year they would add those 52 comics or rebirth in. But the cool thing would be to get digital copies of newer comics so you can add newer comics into the digital library you will have on this app. In order to incentivize people to use this app, the digital codes will only be accessed via this app.

Let me know what you guys and gals think about this.

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Some have mentioned this is only available for some issues, and I’m aware that the extra digital comics were in more abudance before and didn’t do so well. I think this could really get more people into this app.

My only concern is if they have been doing it for some issues, that those who were able to have it on other apps will no longer be able too . So maybe allow linking the “comixology” app/other apps to your library.

I love this idea

What’s to stop the consumer from giving is code away to other people?