New gods new 52/ rebirth?

How did the new gods get resurrected in the new 52/rebirth? Is it ever explained? I thought time doesn’t really matter to the new gods so flash point shouldn’t be the answer.

If final crisis is part of continuity of new 52/rebirth then Darkseid and the new gods supposed to all be dead.

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I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how the new gods work. It seems the continuity doesn’t really add up and/or they leave everything so vague that you don’t really know what they can and can’t do.

At the end of Final Crisis, Superman uses the Miracle Machine to reverse the Anti-Life Equation. This allows the New Gods to be reborn on Earth-51, as seen briefly in the last issue.


Thanks. So did the new gods come back as the same beings or were they just normal humans? Where do you find out more about what happened to the new gods after final crisis?

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They came back as the same beings. The thing about them being normal humans was a pre-Final Crisis concept. What happens afterwards is that, post-Flashpoint, Darkseid starts another war with Earth, and that’s where we find things in the New 52 Justice League series. Morrison makes a few connections to Final Crisis in The Multiversity, but you have to infer it.


Final crisis was so confusing. I haven’t read flash point yet but am
Making my way up. I started reading new gods and end up having more questions than Answers.

It seems to me the new gods are written so vaguely it’s never fully given what they can do and we constantly find something new that can do.