New Flash comics

What does everyone think about the New comics? I’m an old school fan and not really impressed with the storyline changes.

Are you talking about the current Flash by Joshua Williamson. I like what he has done. I hope he stays on the comic as long as he wants

The Williamson Flash storyline is fantastic so far. I had it added to my pull list based on issue 70’s cover alone when they showed it on DC Daily. There are just a few issues out but is awesome so far.

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So far I have liked all the rebirth flash stuff what’s going on right now with flash year one idk if I’m that in to it wish he would go back to tracking down other forces

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If we are talking the current run that is 72 issues deep, I love it. I’ve been on board since the Rebirth one-shot. Longest lasting DC comic on my pull list…ever!

In general I have not been a fan of his run but I love the character so I keep purchasing the book.

I liked the original arc with the Speed Force Storm and all of the other speedsters including Godspeed, but he lost me when he made Eobard Thawne and extra sensitive schmuck and never got me back.

The Flash War, the new forces and now Year One have all been mediocre at best.

Like, Year One? I’ve only read the first issue but I thought it was great. Nice modern version of Showcase 4.

I stopped reading The Flash during the Heroes in Crisis crossover with Batman.

Initially, I wasn’t too interested in Year One, but I picked up the first issue of it and liked it alot. So far, I’m back onboard with The Flash.

The real Flash treat IMO, is Gail Simone’s work with him in The Flash 100 Page Giant series. That’s been my #1 Flash go-to since the series began. Love it!

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