New DCU Comics 2/11/19

This is a quieter week but there are some awesome additions this week. The were no new Rebirth or New 52 titles but that’s great for catchup!
New this week as far as I can tell:

Amazons Attack! #1-6
Animal Man (1988) #1-26
Batgirl (2009) #1-24
Batman: Shadow of the bat #2-12
Batman: The Black Prince Charming
Injustice Gods Among us Year 2 #1-24
JSA #1-83
Planetary (2010) #1-27

BUT DC has 3 fantastic creator spotlights for Tom King, Grant Morrison, and Geoff Johns which are fantastic and I know nobody has read all of the new comics so go enjoy them!


I missed the Valentine’s special!

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Woohoo! Planetary! Everybody needs more Wildstorm titles in their diet. Truly.

Planetary, like The Authority, is an incredible series. A modern masterpiece of creativity in all ways. It (and The Authority) have been continuously highly praised as hallmarks of comic books in general for good reason. They are modern classics.

I hope other Wildstorm books are on their way (Why yes, I would love for Divine Right, DV8, Gen13 (original series if possible but the '06 one is good too), Backlash and the other volumes of WildC.A.T.S. to come to DCU! Thank you =) ). Wildstorm is awesome for a reason folks.

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I think Action Comics #844-846 and Aquaman 1962 #18 have also been added

Those Batgirl and JSA runs are some of my all-time favorites. If you haven’t read them… Do it now!

I like what they have added, As good as New 52 and Rebirth are, I like they did an update with mostly stuff from before that. (I say mostly because I know the Harley Quinn Valentines day special came out after New 52, but seems to be the only one.

@wood You’re right!! I normally miss the extensions of comic series on DCU. Action comics has way to many for my to figure out the exact addition. Remember I post this before the official announcement about the additions so I normally miss some stuff.

Am hoping for an official announcement just in case they did add additional issues to other series. But even if not that is some primo stuff.

Was Midnighter and Apollo on here before now? I don’t remember seeing it.

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Cant wait to dig into Injustice Year 2.

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@DanTheMan, I just saw that a while ago too. It’s new to me at least.

I think it is. Its possible they just added it because I don’t recognize it from last night but who knows?

@Nathan.Payson, Midnighter and Apollo were added later in the day- you didn’t miss it the first time, they missed you!

Thanks @applejack!

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