New DC Spotlight: SHAZAM Documentary

Just watched the new documentary/spotlight on Shazam. Who else has watched it and what did you think? I thought it was great, entertaining and very informative! Hopefully this means more spotlights to come our way featuring other incredible characters!

It was a great documentary. I was already a fan of Shazam but after watching this I’ve become an even bigger fan. I learned so much i didn’t know about the character and its publication and it’s impact on the 1940-1970 in the comic book world, movies, and tv shows and the amazing comeback in the DC comics and the Big Screen Theater movie. If you haven’t watch the documentary please do you wont regret it… Say my name SHAZAM!!!

They did not mention anything about Jim Nabors as Gomer Pyle and how his Catch Phrase was also Shazam! Inspired by Gomer reading Captain Marvel Comics.