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How often is the service updated with new content?

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Every Tuesday we add new comics to the service. Our original series Doom Patrol will start releasing Fridays on February 15th. We add more movies and TV on a roughly monthly basis, depending on licensing deals. Hope this helps!


When the service started, they stated that they had a “goal” to release original content weekly. They’ve been pretty close to it, I think. If I remember correctly, they went straight from the Titans season finale to releasing Young Justice: Outsiders episodes. The 2 or 3 weeks since the last release of those is the only lapse we’ve had in weekly original content releases I believe. There might have been a week or two between Titans a YJ:O, though. Not 100% sure.

I think the few weeks without a new show have hade something else new to offer like Reign

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Right and while not new last week and this week saw the release of the New batman Adventures and The Batman, which have been very long requested additions.

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