New Comics Roundup For May 15th, 2019

Its Wednesday, which means brand new comics! DC (and other publishers) has got 'em and you want 'em!

Hurr-ay, hurr-ay, hurr-ay and step right up to talk about what gems you’re into this week!

What’s barking at me from this week’s carnival:

-Aquaman #48
-Justice League #24
-Naomi #5
-Superman #11

Step right up and try a new comic out! You might even get a prize for your best gal/guy (you won’t as there are none available, but thank you for playing)!

Step right up, step right up and give 'er a go!


Will Enjoy

American Carnage
Gideon Falls by Jeff Lemire
Uncanny X Men

Buy Only to keep Current



Justice League
Teen Titans

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Today’s Superman doesn’t reach the “Buy it to stay current” level.


I just read it.

It was terrible.

No causation at all. Things just happen.

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I wasn’t aware of Gideon Falls. Thanks for the tip, I’m usually a Jeff Lemire fan, I’ll go check it out!

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I dont mind Bendis Superman run. Ive been enjoying both Action Comics and Superman.

But Ive really been liking his Young Justice with Patrick Gleason(Superman Rebirth, Action Comics 2016)

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Also Snyders JL is a must. Admittedly Snyder is one of my favorite writers in DC right now so I am biased.

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Aquaman #48
Batman #71
Nightwing #60
Superman #11
Teen Titans #30
Justice League #24
Naomi #5

This weeks DC comics

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Fun picks folks!

I read Superman #11 this morning. It was okay. I’m eager to check out Naomi #5 next. That series gets better with each issue.