New Comics Roundup for August 28th, 2019

Greetings and Happy Wednesday (aka New Comics Day) comics fans!

It may be hot outside, but reading comics is always chill. Here’s a checklist of the latest and greatest brand new single issues from DC this week, courtesy of

-Action Comics #1014 (Year of the Villain-Dark Gifts)
-Batgirl #38 (YOTV-DG)
-Batman Beyond #35
-Batman: Curse of the White Knight #2
-Batman/Superman #1
-Books of Magic #11
-Detective Comics #1010 (YOTV-DG)
-Dial H for Hero #6
-The Flash #77 (YOTV-DG)
-Freedom Fighters #8
-House of Secrets #92 Facsimile Edition
-Justice League #30 (YOTV-DG)
-Justice League Dark #14 (YOTV-DG)
-Martian Manhunter #8
-Red Hood and the Outlaws #37 (YOTV-DG)
-RWBY #1 (Digital First)
-Superman #14
-The Terrifics #19 (YOTV-DG)
-Wonder Woman #77 (YOTV-DG)

Which of this week’s new releases from DC and beyond are you looking to read before the bell rings and the new school year starts? Jot down your answer below!



Might try Martian Manhunter. Is it any good?

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@Behemoth.Ravenlord I read the first two issues and I didn’t like it. The art was a gloppy mess and while I usually like Steve Orlando’s writing, I didn’t enjoy the beginning of his take on J’onn.

My advice is to read the 2015-16 Martian Manhunter series and spend your scratch on a different book.

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Good to know, thanks.

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I am now four weeks behind in reading

21 books 15 DCU
1 DC Vertigo 1 DC Other
1 Marvel 3 Other Publishers

Will enjoy
Batman Curse of White Knight
Dial H for Heroes
Freedom Fighters
House Of X
Justice League Dark
The Terrifics

Batman Superman
Doctor Mirage
Tommy Gun Wizards
Wonder Woman

So So
The Flash

Hard to Understand
Books of Magic
Justice League
Martian Manhunter (strange art)

Reading Just to Stay Current
Batgirl Quit after 2 more issues
Action Comics
Detective Comics
Red Hood


@Behemoth.Ravenlord You’re welcome. The '15-'16 MM is kind of odd and out there but, unlike the current series, it works.

@Turok I dug Batman/Superman #1 quite a bit, hope you do too.

Just picked up my comics and geez, do you think Netflix wants us to watch The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance?

I picked up Superman #14.
I regret that.
I regret buying this whole arc in retrospect.
The art was good.
In regards to the writing, the only decent writing in this arc has been the Man of Steel miniseries, After that, I don’t think they knew where to go and they forgot what they had already written.
The best thing about Superman #14 - We can soon leave this arc behind us.

After one year of Superman and Supergirl ongoings, no one knows what happened to Krypton or who Rogol Zaar is, or when or why an intergalactic war started.

Not even Bendis

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@Coville What’d you think of the Legion’s intro in Superman #14?

I also enjoyed Bat-Sups #1 and David Marquez art is dope. The last pages of JL #30 are bonkers and pretty clever intros. I’m also gonna check out:
'Tec #1010
Batman WK #2
JLD #14
Flash #77
Batman Beyond #35
Superman #14

@Vroom I don’t think that Jon’s speech was working at all. So the Legion coming in to help is a paradox, and just another bit of writing in a long line of them where it feels like Bendis didn’t think it through, or just didn’t care enough.

Maybe because he is writing too many comics. I know he can write well. But the El Unity Saga is an uncoordinated spacesoup. I had hoped he could use the last issues to mend this mess, but he couldn’t.

Andreyko’s Supergirl is no better. It’s caught in this vortex of poor forced storytelling.

Maybe DC cancelled the original thoughts and had them rewrite and try to fit what they had already written into an impossible jigsaw. I don’t know.

I am really that the Legion is back. Most other ways to present them would have been better.

The El Saga is dead
Long Live the Legion
(Please give them more love)

My List:
Action Comics #1014
Batman/Superman #1
Justice League #30
Superman #14

(Marvel Comics #1000 (Absolute Mess))
(Avengers #24)

Big week at the LCS this week. Haven’t dived into the pile my daughter picked up for us yet but will tonight



Love that you and your daughter read comic books. And that she selects them.

I never knew anyone personally who liked comic books even when i was a kid.




She gets a costume update! I’m not sure how long it’ll last, but I’m cheering the cowl’s return. :slight_smile: The costume takes bits and pieces from various recent ones, such as the Burnside gloves and the more armored look of the new52. Generally, I like it, but the stitches on the cowl in the last shot were off for me, considering Dick’s recent headshot and the Burton Catwoman vibe.