New Comics for The Week of 11/20/19: What'd Ya Get?

Salutations and Happy Wednesday, the day that in geek parlance is best known as “New Comics Day”!

Here’s a few highlights from DC’s oeuvre of brand new books for this week:

  1. The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage #1

The Question gets the Black Label treatment, by esteemed talents Jeff Lemire and Denys Cowan (with Bill Sienkiewicz on inks)!

  1. He-Man and the Masters of the Multiverse #1

By the power of Grayskull, He-Man is back in comics! Varying iterations of Prince Adam’s alter-ego along with the man who would be Skeletor are embarking on a crusade against Anti-Eternia that spans the Masters of the Universe mythos. Wait…He-Man is working WITH Skeletor?! What an Injustice!

Summon King Randor, something’s amiss!

  1. Jimmy Olsen #3

Jimmy Olsen stole the Batmobile. Oh, what a scamp that kid is!

  1. Metal Men #2

Dan DiDio and Shane Davis’ next chapter of liquid metal, Responsometer-tastic adventure is here! Won’t you please behold…the Nth Metal Man!

  1. Lucifer #14

Lucifer is playing house, which begs the question: What the devil is he doing with that hammer?

From DC and beyond, what brand new comics are you doing the Batusi for this week?

SN: I bet I know which book @HubCityQuestion is anticipating…:wink:




Only Batman #83 from DC this week.

But so excited for the return of Farmland (issue 11) at Image, and continuing with Money Shot #2 from Vault.

I’m trade-waiting The Question, that also looks super good.


@HubCityQuestion I spotlighted Vic at #1 just for you. I’m curious what you thought of the book.

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I usually read books as they go up digitally, but this one is special. I’m gonna wait until I have it in my hands.

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Ah so. Well, there will be a special chair for when you’re ready to sit and share your brobdingnagian thoughts on the ish, along with a bowl of Baskin Robbins’ 32nd flavor. :wink:

starts to hum a vaguely Britney Spears-esque song while he works

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Will Enjoy
Conan The Barbarian
Dial H for Hero
Fantastic Four
Jimmy Olsen
Titans: Burning Rage

Batman: White Knight
Metal Men
Once and Future
The Question:


Not Easy to Understand
Justice League

Much Worse than Peak
Flash Forward
Teen Titans


I have ordered He-Man (Never been disappointed with a Masters comic so far). Will try to avoid spoilers until it’s in my hand. Really really excited about this.

I also got Supergirl. A villain that has literally no history with Supergirl readers messes up her core character. F this. Do you want to know why we messed up your comic? You should have bought justice league 2 months ago.

Is the infected story over yet? sigh

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Oh yeah, I need to get Vic Sage too.

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I bought me some:
Von Freeze
The Question
Metal Men
Flash Forward


Speaking of The Infected, here’s the latest one-shot, out today:

@Coville I haven’t read the new Supergirl yet, but I can see Infected Supergirl becoming popular in the cosplay scene.


The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage #1
Outer Darkness # 12
Batman White Knight: Von Freeze
Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen # 5
Justice League # 36
DIAL H for Hero # 9
Conan the Barbarian # 11
The No Ones # 6
Hazel and Cha Cha Save Christmas

And Wonder Twins # 9 and Space Bandits # 5 which came out 2 weeks ago, but my LCS had to reorder because Diamond shorted them.

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Now this looks like fun! I’ve never read anything pertaining to The Umbrella Academy (or watched the TV show) but this just looks like something I’d adore.

Thanks for the highlight @McEddard!

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The Umbrella Academy is a great comic. If you love the Young Animal stuff, you’ll probably enjoy it.

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Young Animal’s been really hit and miss (mostly the latter) for me, but I find most things that feature “cha-cha” in their title have some modicum of worth, and entertainment value.

How is this infected thing going?


@yodaman77 I like what I’ve read of it so far. Like Year of the Villain in general, it spans a variety of titles, so it depends on what’s of interest to you as to where you want to go with it.

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Thanks vroom!
Anything you recommend? And is this part of year of the villain or naw? Or is this all Batman who laughs stuff?

@yodaman77 Offhand, the YOTV stuff I’ve enjoyed the most has been (in random order):

-the Year of the Villain one-shot
-YOTV tie-ins from: Batman and the Outsiders, Justice League Odyssey, Supergirl, Batman/Superman and The Terrifics
-The Infected: King Shazam! one-shot

After the YOTV one-shot, you can just jump into whichever titles you want that tie in and go from there.

The Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen mini-series starts pretty soon, and that looks interesting, but it may help to read some other YOTV material before getting into it, once it starts to come out.