New Comic Bundles (Featuring Halloween Masks) at Walmart

@LastSon0fMars Yeah, they’re just a piece of thin cardboard with a string from one end to the other to hold them on. Nothing fancy, but fun, all the same.

I have Batman Day and DC You masks that are similar (minus the string on the back). I never wore them, but instead stuck them in one of my DC art wall collages, which is where the masks I have from these bundles so far now reside.

@chintzybeatnik Love your new avatar! I’m sure Dick Sprang would as well. :+1:t2:

@Beagle Good luck in your hunt! So far, none of these bundles seem HTF, so ideally you should be able to nab that one with ease.

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Got my two Mask packs, went with Animated Joker to go with Catwoman:

I would have liked a little better of a comic selection as I got more Batman/Fortnite books than I would ever want or need, but honestly, it was just about the fun of the mystery and the masks:

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Nifty pick-ups! :+1:t2:

Batman/Fortnite is definitely the core push of this round of bundles (along with Infinite Frontier selections), which is understandable, given how successful the series was.

Which masks came with which bundles?

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Welcome back to the community @Beagle! I hope you’re able to find the bundles you’re looking for - let us know if you do. Please feel free to reach out to the moderator team know if you need anything. :batparrot:

Love these two! :heart_eyes:


Catwoman had the Justice League Last Ride, Batman: Reptillan and Batman/Fortnite #1 and #3. There were two packs with Catwoman mask and I was a little more interested in the Last Ride book than the Future State Red Hood one.

Joker had Robin, and then Batman/Fortnite #1, 3 and 5. It was the only remaining Animated Joker.

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That DCAU Joker mask has some appeal, but I have Robin #1, as well as all of the Batman/Fortnite I want in print.

What to do…:thinking:

I don’t believe I’ve provided a picture of the Superman-themed set of this wave, so here’s that:

Based on the eBay listing that pic is from, the DCAU Joker mask comes with that set too (and as said earlier in the thread, I’m thinking the mask placement is mostly random), which looks to be relatively free of Batman/Fortnite duplication.

I might look into that one. :superman:

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They did have one set with the Superman and while tempted, I’m pretty sure it came with the least mask I wanted (the New 52 Joker with his face stapled on), so I passed.

I may hit up another Wal-Mart in town this weekend and just check out if they have any of the packs and if any of the masks/comics align, I probably wouldn’t say no to a few more. :joker_hv_2:

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You very likely just pleased a room full of folks from Publishing and Walmart. Good job! :slight_smile:

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It was not meant to be.

I struck out at the Wal-Mart. They didn’t have any of the sets.


I went to one last night (Saturday) that did have them, but alas, none of the Superman-related set.

I’ve got three months until the next wave hits, so there’s time. :clark_hv_4:


I went back and picked up two more of the sets:

Since I haven’t seen any more of them, I decided to pick them up for the collection.

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That’s neat that the Superman: Son of Kal-El set has Wonder Girl #2, as I don’t have that in print, and am now more interested in getting that bundle.

Just without the creepy New 52 Joker mask.

If I find one with the DCAU or Jim Aparo Joker mask, then that’s a bingo/sale.

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Found the Darwyn Cooke Catwoman:

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We should be seeing new bundles this month, as the last batch hit 3 months ago.

Maybe the bundles are done? :man_shrugging:

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Hey @Vroom !

I wanted to say goodbye my friend! It was a privilege.


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