New Comic Bundles (Featuring Halloween Masks) at Walmart

Fall is nearly here, and while we wait for it to arrive, we can enjoy the very latest comic bundles from Walmart, now available at a Walmart with a trading card/collectibles section by the Self Check-Out section near you! :partying_face:

I nabbed the set shown above last night (Friday, September, 10th). The comics in it are:

  • Wonder Girl (2021) #1 (second printing/Walmart variant)
  • Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #'s 1 (third printing), 3 (second printing) and 5.

The mask that my set came with is Frank Miller’s Joker, and was marked with his 80th anniversary logo on the inside, so these may just be leftovers from last year’s promotion of his 80th anniversary one-shot. I also saw sets that featured a Jim Aparo-style Joker mask.

Here’s a look at some of the other sets now available:

There are also sets that feature…

  • Superman: Son of Kal-El #1 (packed with what appeared to be Superman and The Authority #1, but I didn’t get too good of a look at it)
  • Justice League: Last Ride #1
  • Nightwing #80
  • Robin #1

…however, I haven’t found pictures of them yet.

It’s also worth noting that some of these sets feature Catwoman masks as well (and again, like the Joker masks, they’re likely leftovers from the promotion of her 80th anniversary book as well).

Of the sets I flipped through, I noticed Catwoman masks based on the art of:

  • Jim Balent
  • Darwyn Cooke
  • Joelle Jones (cough :point_left:t2: @Razzzcat cough)

So, if you want a nifty mask for upcoming Halloween festivities, or you just want to wander around home with a Joker and/or Catwoman mask, plus get some kick-ass comics in the process, these sets are for you!

SN: Thank you, @Shayera.Hol. :+1:t2:


:eyes: What?

:eyes: WHAT?

There’s really only 2 people who can speak for me here. Kristen, Poehler-bear: Take it away! :dancer:t2:




I had a Joelle Jones set in hand that I tried to mentally will, Observer from MST3K-style, your way. Did you get it?

There was a sweet old lady that smelled like fresh-baked cookies behind me that said “Excuse me, son. May I look at the funny books?”, so being the nice guy I am, I politely moved out of her way, thusly did I only have one chance at that moment to will it your way.

In any event, I was glad to see my gurrrlll (to borrow a page from @DC89) Yara represented among these sets. DC likes Yara. Walmart likes Yara. I really like Yara. End of story.

SN: There was no lady behind me asking to look at the funny books, but there was a somewhat-annoying kid nearby just rambling away to himself about…something. I just paid attention to the comics and let him jibber-jabber away as he looked at Pokemon cards or…whatever he was occupying himself with.

SN 2: Does Yara Flor have freckles? :thinking:


These are indeed masks from last year. There is also a Batman in the se Bundles with Miracle Molly on the cover.


Yeah, the “Joker 80th Anniversary” label really gave it away. :laughing:

Oh well. I’m not going to wear the mask, but I will put it with my Harley and Batgirl masks. Oh, maybe I’ll put him between them so Harls and BG can beat the potatoes out of him when I’m not looking.

Yes, that’s an idea.

pats self on the head for being a smart cookie

Well, so much for sticking with Wonder Girl this time around. I’ve been so very tempted to read Batman just because of Miracle Molly but have resisted, so far.

With a Walmart bundle though, I can just get an issue or two of a title and call it good, after I get my li’l fix of a title I’m otherwise not reading.

Thanks for the 411 on that! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out.

Story time: I went to Walmart last night because I was out on a toy hunt and I needed some snacks.

No toys of interest, but I found some snacks. I’m at the Self Check-Out and on the other side of my register are the assorted boxes of DC goodies from the trading cards/what have you section.

I thought “I haven’t seen new bundles on eBay yet, so there probably isn’t anything to see. I don’t need to go over after I’m done here and look at the DC schtuff.”

What did I do after I was done checking out?

I went over and looked at the DC schtuff. :laughing:

I looked for the flipbooks (which are a myth at this point) and then saw…:sparkles: the new bundles :sparkles:.

I yoinked the one with Wonder Girl, went through the rest of the stack and then gave Walmart 9 bones and change for my find, as well as a Sprite that was calling to me.

The point of the story? Don’t say you won’t look at something DC-related at a store, because you ultimately will. :grin:


These are select stores unlike the bundles which are at every store. I remember thinking that was a flawed decision as the idea is to sell as much as you can.


Bundles are at select stores, too. The ones with the trading card section up front, and even then, there are very rare instances of even those stores not having the bundles.

Yeah, it’s a flawed decision. Get books into Walmart? Great. More people go through Walmart as a whole in one day than do in the entirety of the planet’s comic stores in one year.

Limit the amount of product sold during an endeavor to get product into the hands of people not yet reading comics but who shop at the world’s biggest physical retailer?

Not such a great idea, and rather self-defeating in the end.


I’ll have to keep an eye out but not going to hold my breath as the WallyWorld by my house has ceased selling any new bundles for the last few months.


I picked up one bundle, mainly for the B:TAS Catwoman mask. I got a few Fortnight comics, The Swamp Thing 5 (all of which are already in my collection) and Nightwing 80. So for $8 I got a Nightwing comic and Catwoman mask to go along with my Batman Returns Catwoman mask I snagged last year.


At least you got an issue of Nightwing! Now you can see what the best Bat-book is all about. :slight_smile:

I wasn’t interested in having Batman/Fortnite in print (since I read the whole affair here) but since two of the three featured covers different from the digital editions, I was happy with them.

The real meat of the value enchilada for me was the second printing of Wonder Girl #1. I looked it up on eBay and only saw a few listings for it. I wonder if that’s one of those secondary prints that retail passes on initially, only to look out for later on (similar to Batman #608’s second printing)?

If I come across the Batman set you mentioned, I’ll pick that up as I’m eager to see what’s up with Miracle Molly.


Based on eBay listings, none of the masks appear specific to any particular bundles and look to be randomly packed. Here’s a look for any curious parties:

That :point_up:t2: has this :point_down:t2::

That :point_up:t2: has these :point_down:t2::

That :point_up:t2: has this :point_down:t2: (as I said in the OP, mine came with Miller’s Joker):

That :point_up:t2: has these :point_down:t2:

@Razzzcat :point_up:t2:

Again, random luck of the draw as to which sets have which masks, it seems. In any event, these pictures should prove helpful for people hunting for these.

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That is quite a range with the masks. They look really cool and it’s a neat idea. I’m just imagining a kid’s reaction-they could either get cute cartoon Catwoman or the Joker with his face stapled back on. :laughing:



Kid: “Daddy, Mommy. Wh-why…is The Joker’s face strapped to his face?”

the dad and mom look at one another, then flip through the display for a set with BTAS Catwoman

Dad: “Look honey, here you go. A nice, elegant, Catwoman.”

Kid: “Alright! This won’t scar me for years. Quite the opposite, in fact.”

The parents smile at one another, then gently stick the set with New 52 Joker back in the box, and at the bottom no less

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How much?

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Standard bundle price, $8.99.

Update: I picked up the bundle with Legends of the Dark Knight #1 (seen in the OP) on Saturday, for Batman Day.

Besides LOTDK #1, it came with:

  • Batman/Fortnite #1 (third printing)
  • The Batman/Scooby-Doo Mysteries #4
  • Crush and Lobo #1

The included mask was of the DCAU Catwoman.

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Surprise, surprise, my go to Wally actually had these.

That being said, I had to pass until payday on Friday and then I plan to get at least one Catwoman and one Joker.


Cool beans!

Do you have specific sets in mind, or are you just going with the first set you come across with a Catwoman mask, and the first with a Joker mask?

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Are the masks just like a cut out? :thinking:

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Ideally I want the Catwoman Animated Mask, and I’ll probably base the Joker mask off the comics with it.

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I’ll look for these the next time I go to Walmart. Hopefully they’ll have the Legends of the Dark Knight bundle.