New Batman Writer!!

DC announced that James Tynion IV is Tom Kong’s successor. What do you guys think about that?


I think it’s likely that he’s a fill-in until #100, but should be interesting to see. I remember Tynion saying at one point he had a big Scarecrow story he wanted to do, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll get something like that.


I’m totally in. He was the best Batman writer in Rebirth and I would love to see him continue some of the things he left without resolution.


I loved his work on Talon and his Detective run was really good. He’s a good choice.


Wow now that’s pretty impressive. I love what he’s doing in Justice league dark!


I think he’s the best option for DC right now. He’s familiar with Batman and people don’t generally have bad opinions of him. I’m glad they didn’t go with Bendis.

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I can’t stand his work to be honest so this news doesn’t really fill me with enthusiasm for the book other than I’m relieved its not Bendis. Hopefully he’s only filling in until they get to Batman #100. That’s when I think they’ll actually announce who the next writer is.


I dont understand the anti-Bendis comments I see on here. Can someone explain their position. Im not trying to cause a ruckus, I genuinely dont understand it. This guy’s Jinxworld stuff is fantastic.

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I don’t think he’s a bad choice, but at the same time he’s also the most boring and safe choice. Every Tynion comic I’ve read has impressed me, and I’m sure his run will be good, it’s just that he’s a known quantity. We’ve seen his work on Batman in at least three different series. I would have preferred DC to pull an untested creator out of the woodworks and give them the keys to the kingdom. You know, to try something new and radically different. Basically, I’m fine with it, no complaints. I just would have appreciated it if DC decided to break the mold.


The problem I have with Bendis is he seems to always want to introduce the next big villain. I think it’s ok to want to include a new villain but you shouldn’t avoid the classics. I had the same problem with Bryan Hitch’s Justice League run. That’s why I liked Jurgens recent run over Bendis.

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I think I’m with Batwing52 here. I’ve been a fan of Tynion from his days on Talon and backup writing with Snyder, but it’s hard to be like, “Whoa! Awesome!” when he left Detective Comics only a year or so ago. If you wanted more Batman stories written by Tynion, then why did he leave Tec?


It’s not so much “whoa, awesome” for me. I’m just happy that Batman is in safe hands, with someone who is familiar with the character. Batman is the flagship title and should be treated carefully. Let the inexperienced try Detective or some other title.

My problems with Bendis are several @ McEddard

  1. He has a tendency to ignore continuity both in the sense of the universe at large and in regard to a character’s own.

  2. His stories are very decompressed and that makes his plots seem to drag on and on, especially in a monthly format.

  3. He has a tendency toward making characters act OOC in order to fit them into a story he wants to tell rather than finding a character that would actually work in the story.

  4. He tends to not explain things or else has things happen off panel which would be beneficial for making his plots a bit more tightly constructed.

  5. He does a lot of telling but not a lot of showing.

@Batwing52: Yeah I would have much rather seen them go with something new and different, rather than to take the safe path but it is what it is.



I can understand the desire to go with a “safe” writer after King because love it or hate it his run WAS radically different from the standard Batman fare. To be honest though Tynion’s work is just so bland and uninspired to me I just can’t get behind it so I do wish they had at least gone with someone whose work is more interesting to me than his. Heck, I’m not the biggest fan of Priest’s work, mainly because his “Lazarus Contract” story line rubbed me the wrong way, but I would have loved to see what he could do with Batman anyway. THAT could have been an interesting run.

I like Bendis, but I think JT’s criticism is a fair explanation of his weaknesses. Overall, I really enjoyed Kings run, but a steady performer would be nice for a short stretch.

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@msgtv: Bendis is pretty hit and miss with me. For example I think his Action Comics run has been great so far but his Superman run is terrible in my opinion.

Well I guess I’m picking up Batman again.


I absolutely adored his run on Detective Comics and there are few plotlines that weren’t resolved so I hope that happens in the new book. Plus if that means more Bat family action I’m in.

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JT I like them both, Superman more than Action, but you keep thinking the arc is done and there’s another issue.

Whaa?! I’m assuming this is from the Bleeding Cool report, hopefully DC will confirm tomorrow. It’d be a coo announcement for Batman Day! Cause I :heart: Tynions work! His Rebirth Tec run was so good! His storylines were way stronger than the flagship title, no joke. The Victim Syndicate arc was dope! Startin the countdown to Batman #86 y’all! :bat: