New Arrowverse Show - Educated Guesses

It has been announced that 2020 will see a new Arrowverse Show debut. Now, a lot is still unknown about the future of the Arrowverse in general, especially how the events of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” will play out. But I am here to make my best educated guesses and what this new show could be about (no particular order).

BLUE BEETLE - A long time ago, there were plans to introduce this character on “Arrow”. But, the executives at WB said they had film plans for that character, so instead we got Ray Palmer AKA The Atom. In recent years, the film side has seemed to get relaxed with what The CW can and can’t do. We have a TV Superman, a show focused on Flash despite there being a film version of the character, we even got Task Force X for a little bit in season 7 of “Arrow”. There is still a good chance this can happen.

BOOSTER GOLD - Now, there have been rumors that a Booster Gold film has been in development. But I can’t remember the last time we have heard anything about it. It could be getting retooled as a TV show. All of the Arrowverse shows have dealt with time travel in one way or another, so it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary.

BATMAN BEYOND - This does at first seem far fetched, but hear me out. Kevin Conroy has been officially cast to play an older Bruce Wayne for the big crossover event. Depending how he fits in and how the crossover ends, we could get a show set sometime in the future where he can mentor someone to take the Batman mantle. Now, The CW has had to follow the unofficial “No Batman on TV” policy, but things have seemingly changed. We are getting a Batwoman TV show, we have seen increased references to Bruce Wayne in the Arrowverse, we have had a “Gotham” show (different network, but still)…the show “Titans” has even casted someone to play Bruce Wayne. Granted, that’s on the DC streaming service with different rules. The point is that there are ways of getting around this policy. Plus, people have been talking about if it is possible to see Batman Beyond return to TV. Maybe we can get a live action version.

I have plenty of other guesses, but these seem to be the most likely. What are your thoughts?


As always, I vote for Superman. Yes, we have Supergirl. However, it’s been 22 years since the last live action Superman TV show that starred the Man of Tomorrow in all his glory ended, so it’s time for him to hit the small screen once more (that goes double for a new animated show too). Lois and Clark are already cast, costumed and familiar to audiences, so some of the heavy lifting is already done.

A Legion of Super-Heroes show would be cool as well, especially since some of its potential principal characters are already known to audiences via Supergirl. LOSH is also a franchise that can guest star a multitude of characters, such as Booster Gold.

I’d be up for a fantasy based show as well. Demon Knights would be cool, as would Sword of Sorcery.

An anthology series would be fun too. Call it “DC Universe Presents” and go from there. It would also serve as a springboard to showcase ideas for potential new shows. The episode starring a New 52 style OMAC was a ratings smash? Get that idea into development and see if a show can come of it!

So, y’know. Stuff like that.

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I know Berlanti’s wanted to do something with The Question for ages. DC wouldn’t let him in the past, but who knows?

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Also, CBS was well into developing a Secret Six show before passing on it. LoT is doing well, and the team dynamics allow you to rotate characters through the years, so maybe.

@msgtv If the Secret Six show makes it to air, I’d sure like to see Gail Simone write a few episodes.

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On Collider Heroes they discussed a great possibility: Static Shock spinning out of Black Lightning.

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I would like to see a Green Lantern Corp with John Diggle going to different planets, ala The Orville, but solving crimes at the same time. Pair him up with a Kilowog, and after seeing Swamp Thing, I think DC could make a believable costume without too much cgi.

Vroom, Simone is a not only a good writer she’s very consistent. Her runs on Birds and Secret Six don’t seem to have bad issue. Love to see her write for tv.

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@msgtv Agreed. You ought to check her Flash out in The Flash Giant series. Good stuff.

I thought Batwoman was the new show. Is there another one coming?

Yes there is

They already have Roy Harper, coming off the back of Arrow. They could easily throw in Artemis and a Bizarro for a RHATO series. A man can dream!

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I could see it being a re-booted Constantine/Hellblazers show.


Star city future we been getting in arrow flash forward

They’ve discussed the future arrow timeline but that’s not the new show they’re looking at for next fall. I think the Question is possible, but I think we’ll get a hint of it during Crisis.

Future arrow could replace the 100 get 10. To 13 eps

If i could pick green lantern with john diggle

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I don’t actually think it’s going to be a Constantine revival, but it would make a lot of sense. Both Arrow and Supernatural are ending next season, and Constantine fills the void that both shows will be leaving behind. Its a comic book based show that features various superheroes and villains, so it fits with DC on TV and it’s the same concept as Supernatural, going around America, fighting supernatural creatures, facing beings that are trying to bring the end of the world, etc. Plus, I think Constantine being on Legends of Tomorrow has made the character more popular than he was with non-comic book fans when the show initially appeared.


I hope it constantine

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A Constantine show wouldn’t be a “revival” of anything because you can’t actually do a show that picks up where the NBC series left off without the involvement of the original creators and cast.

Berlanti and Co. were able to retroactively “fold” the NBC series into the Arrowverse because of Matt Ryan and the fact that their plans for the character didn’t hinge on anything that the NBC series had done, which meant that they could refer to the series in passing as things that the character had experienced while doing whatever they wanted with him.

Beyond that, though, a solo Constantine series really isn’t needed because they’ve brought Astra in as the new Big Bad for him and the Waverider crew to deal with, which firmly cements him as a central fixture on Legends for the forseeable future.