New 52 - Swamp Thing

I am a huge Swamp Thing fan, and a fan of Scott Snyder, so I thought it was time to read the New 52 run. But it is…confusing. Granted, I’m only 5 issues in the run, but I have questions.

I understand that Swamp Thing was brought back during Brightest Day, only for the newly resurrected Alec Holland to decline returning to The Green to try and have a normal life again (that alone creates contradictions from what was seen in his second series, but nit picky). I know Flashpoint and the New 52 was supposed to give a brand new start for all characters…except that’s clearly not what happened with this book.

This New 52 Swamp Thing still shares (confusing) continuity with what was seen Pre-Flashpoint. So far, I’m ok with a couple changes/additions like The Rot. But Abby seems so incredibly different from what she was like in the past Swamp Thing series. And she has a new half brother? By the way, where is Tefe? And I thought Alex Olson was Alec’s predecessor no this wartime pilot? And how did the Parliament of Trees come back? They were burned and dead by the end of ST’s second series, something that carried over into his 2000 and 2004 series.

Basically, I am only 5 issues into a 46 issue series. A series that in theory was supposed to give the character a brand new start from the beginning. But not only did it not do that, but I have way more questions that I should be having right now.


I LOVE SWAMP THING. All caps, always. The problem was that the character became to much, to unwieldy in relation to the DC universe. Dude, became a god. Im thinkin the goal for the new do NEW52, was to temper that, make it so he could pop up in other books. They de-vertigo’d him, which I liked. But it did leave a bit of a mess, as all crisis’ tend to do. Just roll with it, my advice to you, dont outthink yourself on the details and enjoy the books.

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P.s. and its not like they “hawkman’d” him and made an unrecognizable mess that needs “fixed” every 5 years. The origin remains, the details…um, well…

I read somewhere in the Swamp Thing DC Comics that Alec was replaced in recent years. I would want to bring him back now that there is a tv series. It’s great!

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