Need Recommendations for Batman

Im looking for a batman story thats really makes him the worlds greatest detective. So far I cant find anything that tops the new 52’s court of owls arc. Any and all suggestions are appreciated


Definitely should check out Batman the long Halloween its a murder mystery with plenty of detective Ing and just a good book in general



Thanks bro, ill check it out


We really need to recommend some stories where Batman doesn’t utterly fail as a detective.

How about “The Many Deaths of the Batman” by John Byrne?

  1. Batman #433
  2. Batman #434
  3. Batman #435

Oh, and how about Grant Morrison’s Gothic?

And the local Batman book club just read Sam Hamm’s Blind Justice:


Ill check em out, thanks bro


Hush is great.
Got lots of time? The entire Cataclysm/No Man’s Land was a gas


My Top Batman Books In No Particular Order:
(All of which are available on DC Universe!)

  1. Batman Black Mirror
    A chilling murder mystery that really enthralled me when I bought the TPB when I was younger. Something that makes it stand out amongst the crowd is that it’s from the time where Dick was under the cowl! Definitely a good read.

  2. Batman: The Long Halloween
    It’s already been brought up (and will most definitely be brought up again), but that should just go to show you how incredible of an arc this is. It’s an incredible murder mystery which really focuses on Bruce’s detective skills and features most of his rogues gallery. A must read for most comic fans looking to get into Batman.

  3. Batman: Death of the Family
    Bruce is phenomenal, but Batman is nothing without his family. This is a great BatFamily story line which shows how dependent Bruce really is on those who he trusts and loves. It’s also a great battle between him and the Joker which showcases some of the maniac’s most terrifying forms of torture.

  4. Batman: Year One
    The Batman origin story is about as well known as Romeo and Juliet at this point. That said, if you’re really looking to start at the beginning of Bruce’s journey to becoming Gotham’s Dark Knight, Frank Millar’s Batman: Year One is a great place to start!

  5. Batman: Court of the Owls
    When it comes to more recent Batman runs, Court of the Owls is probably the most well beloved and critically acclaimed. It really built upon the Batman mythos and made Bruce really consider how much he knows about the city he has chosen to protect.

  6. Batman: In Darkest Knight
    Looking for a more unconventional Batman story, this Elseworlds story begs the question, “What would have happened if Bruce Wayne was the one to find the Green Lantern ring?” It’s a quick read that is entertaining the whole time.

  7. Batman: A Death in the Family
    While I personally am not the biggest fan of this arc, it’s a must read for the Batman mythos given how much it affected his character and comics in general. A historical moment that’s at least worth a glance.

  8. Batman: Under the Hood
    A great follow up to Batman: Death in the Family which forces Bruce to reflect on his actions and how his choices have affected those he loves. It’s also the introduction to fan favorite character: Red Hood.

  9. Batman Beyond: Rebirth
    Alright, Bruce Wayne is fun and all, but he’s not my favorite. I’m a MUCH bigger Terry McGinnis fan and that’s why I had to recommend this rebirth run. This run has solidified his place in my heart and is a ton of fun!

  10. The Batman Adventures
    Batman: The Animated Series was a DEFINING moment in Batman history which made him the character we know today. If you’re looking for a bit more of that in your life (as most Batman fans are), check out this continuation of the series in comics.

And that’s my Top 10 list for Batman runs, but Batman is by no means limited to the comics. So here’s a very quick list of some of my favorite films and series available HERE on DC Universe (for now).




Again, assuming that you really want detective stories featuring Batman, I would recommend looking to the 1970s, when Batman was regularly solving murder cases rather than saving the city from certain doom. Many of the criminals in these stories were one-off killers instead of recurring supervillains, but this era also introduced Ra’s Al Ghul.

Here are two classic examples:

  • Night of the Reaper (Batman #237)
    A man in a Grim Reaper costume goes on a killing spree on Halloween.

  • Bat-Murderer (Detective Comics #444-448)
    Batman kills Talia al Ghul with a gun (or does he?) and becomes a fugitive.


Thank you so much

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it seems i got some reading and watching to do​:joy:


i heard great things about bat-murderer, ill definitely check em out


Haha. Its a lot, but you don’t need to read them all. Just tried to give lots of options and give the different types of batman to start ypu off. Once you find what you like, go down that run! :slight_smile:


Bruce Wayne Murderer/Fugitive is a huge mystery with a satisfying conclusion. Also lots of Bat Family goodness!


Batman: Cold Days was an awesome recent one. It marries court room drama a la Twelve Angry Men with Batman’s post-Selina-leaving-him-at-the-alter emotional/moral crisis. It’s a dope storyline, and Lee Week’s artistic stylization makes it even better.


Ill look for it, thanks homie


that sounds lika good read, thanks for the hook up


Yep! A great one!


Here are my suggestions.

First up comic books/graphic novels.

Batman: The Long Halloween
It show how good of a detective Batman is and gives the origin for Tow-Face. This is one of the books used for adapting The Dark Knight (2008).

Batman: Dark Victory
This is a sequel to The Long Halloween where a new serial killer is out again. What makes this different is that there’s Robin, aka Dick Grayson who has his origin.

Batman: Black Mirror
This is where instead of Bruce Wayne as Batman, it’s Dick Grayson. This is where Gordon’s son, James Gordon Jr. has returned. This is a horror themed comic that is perfect for the world of Batman.

Batman: The Killing Joke
This is the definitive Joker story where Barbara Gordon is short, making her paralyzed, and became Oracle. This first shows the anarchistic ways of the Joker with great art and story telling.

Batman: Under the Red Hood
This is where Batman fights against a new villain named the Red Hood who is actually the second Robin Jason Todd who was killed by the Joker and resurrected by Ra’s Al Ghul and Talia Al Ghul. This has a great introduction to the Red Hood, and has a lot of Batman characters people love.

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One of my all-time favorites has yet to be mentioned. While it’s been a while since I read it, I recall some detective work being done in The Cult. It’s a fantastic four part series that you can find a collected edition for. I highly recommend it.

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