Need Comic Recommendations

I have never been into the comics before and I want too now. So if anyone could point me in the direction of some good places to start that world be great. More around Batman or The Flash

Batman year one by frank miller!


I second the Batman Year One. Also read Batman the long Halloween right here in dc universe. Flashpoint is a great flash comic. All Star Superman, the killing joke,

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Legends of the Dark Knight, a little old but hasn’t aged. Also the Action Comics runs by Geoff Johns (two arcs here, Brainiac and Bizarro). I loved Robin and Batgirl year one by Dixon. Not as dark but serious anyway.


Wonder Woman (1986-) 195-210
Batman (2011) 1-3
Justice League (2011) 1-3
New Teen Titans (1980-) 1-whenever
4 Iconic DC titles and runs (writers and artists) these are a great jumping on point.

Agree with The Long Halloween. Don’t need to know a lot going in and it’s a great story.

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Here’s where I’d start with Batman.

Batman: Year One
Batman: Dark Moon Rising
Batman: The Man Who Laughs
Batman: The Long Halloween
Batman: Dark Victory

Those are all basically written as sequels to Year One. From there you can go on to books like Hush, The Dark Knight Returns, Court of Owls, and just generally follow your own interests.

Legends of the Dark Knight is also a great series, as mentioned, and it’s all available right here.

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Batman, Harley Quinn
Batman, year one
The man who laughs
Dark Knight returns, strikes again and Master race
Knightfall ominibus vol. 1
Scott Snyder’s new 52 run
Tom Kings rebirth comics

Flash, rebirth
Flash by Geoff John’s vol 1&2
Flash by grant Morrison and Mark waid
Flash Rebirth omnibus volume 1
Flash new 52 entire run
The button
Flashpoint and all of the extras like flashpoint featuring batman or wonder woman

Really good Batman stories
The dark Knight returns
Batman eternal
The long Halloween
Tower of Babel
Black mirror
Batman and son
Good flash stories
Trial of the flash
The button
Rougue war
Dead heat

Superman by Tomasi/Gleason Rebirth
Red Hood and the Outlaws Rebirth
Justice Society of America-Geoff Johns
Green Arrow-Kevin Smith run
Green Lantern-All Geoff Johns era