Need Assistance On Materials For Batman Cosplay

Next fall me and my girlfriend are cosplaying Batman and Catwoman and I need assistance finding the right materials for the Batman cowl and bodysuit.

I’m not sure whether to make a cowl out of EVA foam or 3D print it or save money to buy a rubber cowl,

And I would like to find a realistic (i.e. tactical/Kevlar) looking dark gray body suit but I have no idea where to find something like that.


Awesome, have fun. Halloween is right around the corner, I’m sure some Halloween store might have a good costume. :slightly_smiling_face:
Maybe buy a grey sweatshirt and paint the batsymbol on it.


If you want to get crafty about it, I would maybe do one of these:

-.Make a plaster mold of your head to make sure the cowl perfectly fits you. Mold the cowl to whatever version of Batman’s cowl your doing. Shave some of the material to smooth it out and start painting.

You could follow what some of these guys did. You could get a nice idea of what they did and what you can do:

You can buy the costume and maybe add you own touches. It really depends on how much work you want to put into it. Like for example, the ears can be a bit floppy when you pull them out of packaging, and thee are ways to harden the ears to keep them upright.

Feels like you’re trying to make a The Batman suit…

Some of the things there can be a bit pricy


The idea I have for it in my head is pretty much a hybrid of the Reeves Suit and the dark knight returns suit.

I want the realistic look of the Reeves suit along with the white belt and big logo from TDKR suit.


for some inspiration


You are definitely wise to give yourself at least a year to work on this. Halloween costumes or even expensive professionally made cosplay items are great but nothing will ever fit you as good as something you make for yourself.

I made my Cyborg half mask out of fiberglass, but I don’t think that would work well for a full cowl as it’s 100% rigid. I know EVA foam is really popular. @TheMidKnightSon 's first video would be a good place to start. No matter how good the rest of your costume is, if the cowl doesn’t look good, it’s gonna be a bust.

I’m working on a “Three Jokers” version of Red Hood’s mask myself and I’m using a pattern I got on Etsy for about 3 bucks. Here’s something similar I found for a Batman cowl

Basically you cut out and assemble the thing out of regular cardboard or cardstock, then you can add texture with leather, fabric, etc. Or just get black EVA foam like in the video. Which seems to have a nice matte finish and it’s less bulky then texturing over a “skeleton”

Myself I’m using something I’ve never worked with before. I found some moldable plastic sheets which I’m hoping will give me flexibility and durability but we’ll see once I start putting it together.

Also a tip for masks, always remember that you’re going to have to see out of this thing. Probably at night too. The fit around your eyes has to be especially good. Red Hood has especially narrow eyes on his masks. That’s why I’m building a version that has a busted/exposed eye (post Joker crowbar to the head).

Don’t be afraid to take shortcuts either. If you can save yourself time by spending a few bucks on something ready made you probably won’t regret it. This piece seems like a good deal to me. Twenty bucks on Etsy.

Good luck!


Use spandex.


You mentioned that you’d be doing a mix between TDKR and The Reeves design. Which cowl style would you use and which bat logo? The wide, short ears or the Battinson?


I didn’t have a specific Cowl in mind I just figured I’d use the coolest pattern I could find but i think I’d like the ears to be the same length as the ones on the Reeves suit.

And I think I’m gonna go with this symbol.

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