Need a GL New 52 Refresher

A while back, i did a lot of Green Lantern reading starting with Hal Jordan’s rebirth. Read through Sinestro Corps War, Blackest Night, all that good stuff. Read through the New 52 era as well. But I’m only getting around to reading through the Rebirth era now.

Basically, can someone refresh me on the major highlights of the important Green Lantern/GL Corps stories from the New 52 era? I really dont want to have to re-read that era if possible

For one Sinestro took over as Green Lantern and Hal was powerless for a little while.

Sinestro made a new ring for Hal, so Hal could help him retake control of the Sinestro Corps who were now evil dictators of Korugar.

Something about Nekron attacking. Hal got his ring back and the old one became Simon Baz’s ring.