Naomi Excitement and Ideas

Alright, I know there’s already a thread about the news from The CW, but I thought since half of it is bad news, the good news deserved a thread of its own. So… What are your hopes for the Naomi show? My hope is, since Naomi is a new character, and you can trace an almost linear path through all of her appearances, it will be more of an adaptation than a new story, adapting all of Naomi’s adventures in the last 2 years of comics. Also, the show has its own continuity, but would you want actors from other DC adaptations to appear? Would you want the show to eventually cross over into the Arrowverse, especially given we already know the show will involve the multiverse?

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I figure season 1 will probably be an adaptation of her debut miniseries, but I’m not really sure her appearances in Young Justice, Action Comics and Justice League really provide much of a story basis for the show beyond that, though it should at least help in getting her personality down. Assuming this goes for multiple seasons, I think it’s gonna surpass the source material pretty quickly and give us completely original stories in season 2 and beyond. Maybe this’ll motivate Bendis to finally put out more solo content w/ Naomi in the comics, or maybe he’ll get involved w/ the show and focus on developing her legacy through that medium

And as for the crossover potential w/ the Arrowverse, I certainly won’t rule it out for the future, though I figure season 1 will just be teases at most since it’ll need to focus on establishing Naomi and these characters. But the thing that makes me the most skeptical about that even in the long run is the fact that Greg Berlanti doesn’t have any involvement in the show. He’s been involved in every DC show on the CW post-Smallville until now, so I have to wonder if that could set Naomi apart even more than something like Stargirl. Of course Ava DuVernay is also co-developing the show w/ Jill Blankenship, who was a writer and executive producer on Arrow in the last 2 seasons, so there’s at least a little bit of a connection to the established universe there. I could certainly see Naomi going the Black Lightning route and trying to be completely separate from that universe, but even BL crossed over eventually, plus Naomi’s whole premise is rooted deeply in the multiverse. Who knows, maybe she’ll even be the one to re-open the multiverse for everyone on Earth-Prime…

I like it!

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I have no real plot hopes/desires. I could go for a direct adaptation, but even without Berlanti, it’s still “Berlanti-adjacent,” so I’m sure it’ll be remixed so as to not be too predictable. (Probably closer to the Batwoman big comic reveal wrapped up in s01e01 than to early Arrow trying to avoid even acknowledging comic origins.) I’m guessing it might have a little bit of a Stargirl vibe, at least at first, with the discovery of her powers and origin and establishing the world. I’m thinking if anything, they might tie her origins (and lack of “where in the multiverse” answer) in to the fallout of Crisis, so they can acknowledge she’s part of the reformed tv/film multiverse without trying to cross over.

The one thing I really hope is that they don’t change the legacy of her last name and it broadens people’s exposure to Dwayne McDuffie and the importance of his contributions. Would be sweet if they granted his widow a cameo or something to raise awareness outside the comic world.