My Top Ten Comics of All Time

  1. Mister Miracle (Tom King)
  2. Hawkeye (Matt Fraction)
  3. All-Star Superman
  4. Gotham Central
  5. DC: The New Frontier
  6. Selina’s Big Score
  7. Batman: Mad Love
  8. Scott Pilgrim
  9. Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E.
  10. Batgirl: Year One


Very interesting choices.

I loved Nextwave and New Frontier

I own a DC trade that covers Daryne Cooke’s works, including Selina Big Score but never read it. When I try to access it with Search, this app blows up. I think that is because it used to be a title without any issues, which was never corrected.

It is hard to have an all time favorite, just titles you liked at the time. I am astonished how Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol issues, who were compelling at the times, fall flat with me now.

I have a few that stand the test of time. Book club just reviewed two of them.

Supergirl 75 through 80 by Peter David

Wonder Woman 2016, Year One


My top ten (some cheating in presequels)

01 New Frontier by Dwayne Cooke

02 Superman Lois and Clarke, followed by Superman 2016

03 Huntress, Helena Wayne, mini series by Paul Levitz, followed by his Worlds Finest, co staring Power Girl

04 Many Happy Returns, Supergirl by Peter David issues 75 80 where Linda Danvers meets the original Kara el, who is totally in character. Sweet, then sad.

05 Wonder Woman 2016 Year One. Early even numbered issues.

06 Brave and Bold Hawkman by Kubert and Fox one issue missing in library

07 Planetary

08 Eartn 2 issue 17 on, by Tom Taylor

09 Spectre Adventure Comics 1970s Fleischer and Aparo, not in library

10 Demon Knights 2011


What a topic…jeez, where to start…
Have to be DC? 'Cause if not…

  1. The Incal
  2. From Hell
  3. Akira
  4. Lone Wolf and Cub
  5. Usagi Yojimbo
  6. Black Hole
  7. Sandman
  8. Saga
  9. Swamp Thing (personal favorite)
  10. Transmet/Preacher/Scalped (those Vertigo series, total cheater mode here haha)

It’s weird to make a list like this and not have any Eisner, Miller, McCay, Pratt, Barks, etc. but it is what it is. Not even any Grant Morrison… But I’m sure I’ll have a completely different list tomorrow.

Post as many as you want. Heck, do 11-20 if you want!

OK, so my list is going to be a little… pedestrian since, while I know my history, I’m pretty weak on Marvel and non-big-two, and I haven’t read a lot of the more sophisticated books people bring up like Sandman or Moore’s Swamp Thing.

  1. Crisis on Infinite Earths (I still don’t think any excuses need to be made for it.)
  2. Batman: The Long Halloween.
  3. George Perez’s Wonder Woman
  4. The Question ('86)
  5. Detective Comics #826 (odd choice for my top 10, but I think a well-executed oneshot can be as good as any big, epic, long-winded run)
  6. The Laughing Fish
  7. Mark Waid’s Flash
  8. Captain Atom ('86) (Q1 1986 was a good time for comics)
  9. Kingdom Come (It could’ve been much higher on this list with some more focused plotting, but it’s already an incredible achievement)
  10. Birds of Prey (entire first volume, honestly)

Don’t worry about the sophisticated stuff. I’ve read a lot of that and while it may fall on an objective top ten list, I didn’t particularly enjoy reading it. Check out Sandman, for sure, but don’t worry about it not being number one. Read what you love. When it comes down to it, comics are entertainment.

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Best Series
my 11 through 20

11 Detective Comics 472 to 476, by Engelhart and Rogers

12 Aquaman 2012, by Geoff Johns

13 JLA Grant Morrison, 1996

14 Detective Comics 2016 by Tynion IV

15 Teen Titans, 2003 by Geoff Johns

16 New Krypton Series circa
Action Comics 866 889, Superman 677 700

17 Green Lanterns 2016

18 Frankenstein Agent of
S H A D E, 2011 by Jeff Lemire.

19 All Star Comics 58 on by Conway and the great Wally Wood

20 All Star Squadron by Roy Thomas

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All-Star Squadron is AWESOME. I went out of my way to find a Showcase volume of that on eBay. Worth its price.

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  1. Sandman
  2. Starman ( Robinson)
  3. Usagi Yojimbo
  4. Madman
  5. Hellboy
  6. 100 Bullets
  7. All-Star Superman
  8. Bone
  9. Saga
  10. Northlanders

@Batwing Couldn’t have said it better myself. It’s about what sparks your mind and engages you. I’m curious to check out some of the titles others have said that I haven’t read. Don’t worry about sophistication or anything like that. Those are just honestly the titles that have resonated most with me and I tend to reread over and over. I get that a couple of my choices are those standard “literary comics” picks, but I thought I’d name them anyway despite the risk of coming off too snobby. The same way you shouldn’t worry about being lowbrow, you shouldn’t worry about being erudite as well. High art/low art perspectives cheapen everything. People feel shame for enjoying something low or guilt for not enjoying something high. Or obligation to watch or read something “important”. To hell with that. Those aren’t the feelings that should be stirred by reading. It’s about the emotional impact a piece has, and how it resonates with you. I honestly feel that with those high art/low art stigmas removed, people might enjoy a broader spectrum of comics/novels/films. Anyways, probably not the thread for this. Response got a little out of hand on me haha. Bottom line, read comics and enjoy them!

I’ll add Promethea to my list, however. Alan Moore over-crowding be damned!


Alan Moore overcrowding just happens. Here’s the thing about Alan Moore: people forget that he’s written some super entertaining comics. Like Promethea. Or Miracleman. Or Top 10.


@McEddard Good call on Bone! Such a great series.

  1. Bone
  2. Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld
  3. Punk Rock Jesus
  4. Fables
  5. Kevin Keller
  6. All-Star Superman (thanks to a recommendation on here)
  7. Maus 1 and 2
  8. Patsy Walker, Hellcat
  9. Adventures in Oz collection
  10. Fantastic Four